Juggalo holocaust steals juggalos hat

if you won the fight , where is your hat then LMAO

2 responses to “Juggalo holocaust steals juggalos hat

  1. There’s another vid just to clear the air. Your cause got these two haters hurt pretty bad. You can play it off like they won all you want. They know better than to fuck with anymore juggalos. All I got to say, if you wanna get more JH people hurt, keep up the hate and send some more after me. I travel the whole country and where ever you little bitches are hiding I’ll be glad to take on any of you.

    If we are so hurt why did you stop embedding your vid and why did you run to hatchet gear to buy another hat

  2. Wow a hat? Thats it? U must be SOOO proud!!
    Lmfjao realize juggalos aint goin nowhere so y u tryin so hard to hate?

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