Juggalo Holocaust PLANNING FOR THE GATHERING of the Juggalos

Juggalo Holocaust Members , the countdown is ON! As of today there are only forty-one days standing between you and four full days and nights of furious fun and family love at The 2010 Gathering of the Juggalos from August 12th – 15th at Cave-in-Rock, Illinois! The time to start prepping is NOW! If you keep saying “I’ll get my tickets tomorrow” or “I’ll buy a tent later this week” the next thing you know it’s the day before you’re supposed to head out for Hatchet Landings and you don’t have any clean drawers!

But don’t panic just yet! We suggest you just start gettin’ your ducks in a row right now so your trip to the Gathering and your time During the Gathering are as worry free and fantastic as they’re meant to be!

First off, before you do any sort of planning you’re going to want to get your ticket! You can purchase them online at planet-lotb.com .

Next, why not start with a checklist of everything you want to bring with you to the Gathering? Sure, that bottle of Jack Daniels and a box full of face paint are important, but don’t forget the other items that will make your stay at

the Hatchet Landings a lot more relaxed! Sun screen, bug spray, shoes and clothes you won’t mind getting dirty (you are camping after all), a first aid kit, a tent, sunglasses, Faygo, extra socks, spare money and smokes!

Now that you’ve got your ticket and all your stuff, you need to figure out how you’re getting to The Gathering! Are you going to drive? Maybe you can save money by carpooling with your homies? Are you going to fly? Make sure you plan on having transportation from the airport to the Hatchet Landings when you arrive! Planes, trains, and motorcycles! There are lots of ways to get to the Gathering, you jut have to figure out which method is best for you!

If you have this all under wraps, congratulations! We can’t see you at The Gathering! But for everyone else? Have no fear! There is still plenty of time to figure out all the details, get your stuff in order, and find your way to the 2010 Gathering of the Juggalos. But whatever you do, make sure you get there! It’s going to be an amazing year and something you’re not going to want to miss!

5 responses to “Juggalo Holocaust PLANNING FOR THE GATHERING of the Juggalos

  1. How about this, I am a juggalo and i can finish a sentence without saying the words, fuck, bitch, ect. Excluding the last sentence of course. If you really this that this is gonna stop anything your wrong. You should really go and do more research before you go and accuse anyone of being a psycho killer just for listening to music. I can tell you now that i personally have called out the “Juggalo Holocaust”, told them where they can find me and how they can get a hold of me if they were too scared to see me in person, and nothing happened. If you think all juggalos are ignorant little kids who can’t properly put a sentence together, think about this. In the fourth grade I had an I.Q. of 192, well above genius. Now that doesn’t go for all juggalos, but look at any other group of people. Out of the 6 billion people on this planet how many of them can you say are decent people. So please before you go and spit some stupid and ignorant word about people you don’t know, think about it, maybe you yourself are the evil ignorant fool.

    So if you have a problem then here is my info again. I live in Vancouver, WA. My E-Mail is Dragun88@msn.com , or contact me @ http://www.myspace.com/youknowiknow or http://www.myspace.com/ninjabertofshadowlurkers

  2. Soo.. Let’s get serious here, I mean.. Really? a holocaust about Juggalo haters? Who does a such thing? Yeah, okay cool for you hating Juggalos, COOL BEANS!! But really? You have to have a club for it? I mean Juggalos are peace loving people, but once you mess with them or their family all hell break loose. I have some friends who hate Juggalos, they are the coolest pair of people to have around, But do they hate me for being into the Juggalo stuff? No, why you may ask? Because they like me for me, not for what i do or what i am into. I mean, what if you fall in love with a juggalo? You can’t like them because of that one thing, right? What if your sibling gets into the stuff? You hate them because of it? Because they want to express themselves as that? Because they feel they belong? Because the World feels more clearer to them now and everything what it used to be is now something different. Noone asked for your opinion on Juggalos. We treat it as it is, some say because the music, or the strength, or the family.. Or maybe a different guidance to life, And that my dear friend is why we are strong. I am not asking you to change your mind about us, or look at us differently, but if you hate us.. Then why care? Why talk to us? Or why even adress us? In my mind I see jealousy, as if we are better than you are and it tears you up inside. But.. Why? We’re no better than you are.. My father is in a bike club.. Now Juggalos are not a gang, club or anything, but he said something that reminded me of the Juggalo Holocaust and Juggalos.. We both have stuff to do… We both work, watch T.V, have friends, and enemies, children, wives, husbands, what’s so different between me and you? We might even watch the same shows and dance and sing to the same music, so seriously, what’s the problem between us any anybody else?
    – Janie097 look me up on Youtube

  3. So, I was litteraly just looking up backrounds for myspace and came accrow this crap about a Juggalo Holocaust. Well it kind of makes me a little upset, and thats pretty hard to do, I am a juggalette. I am a calm person, I never really get mad. but when I read something like this I cant even really cogitate words. I dont understand why there is so much hate. I have gone my whole life never really getting made or hating people because thats not what I grew up with, best part about it is that my real family isnt the one that taught me how to live this way, my juggalo family is. And I know there is a lot of juggalos out there that give us a bad name but why judge eveyone for something only a few of us do. I have friends in like every state its not like we have to conform to just juggalos and juggalettes and like 80% of my friends are not in the fam, but we are real people and we are not a cult. We just choose to live our lives a little different from the average person. I have been in the fam for around 19 years, and I know what the family is about it is not everyone looking and acting the same and conforming to the same things we are all just conected by a common bond. That bond is that we just want acceptance for everyone. And the whole juggalos and lettes are retarded thing is starting to irritate me. I graduated on high honors at the top of my class and two years early from Calvary Chapel Christian Academy. Oh and my favorite color is pink, I listen to all music, just thought I would throw some random crap in there. Oh and for kicks, I go to church like 3 times every week, and my family (blood relatives) dont even believe in God, but my juggalo family well we all go and I could probably tell you more about the bible than anyone else. So please if you have a problem with juggalos and juggalettes please get ahold of me I am not saying I would change your mind about all of us but maybe you could make a new friend, and not be so judgemental. Thank you for your time. Hope you had fun reading this randomness. Keisha.
    you can email me or something,


  4. how are u ganna hate then show up at our shows? if you hate us dont listen to it plain and simple

  5. Hahaha – This site is such bullshit.
    You holocaust nazi’s are fantastic.
    Thank you so much for taking the world back to discrimination of the 1940’s and 1950s.

    If you host, or listen to this bullshit.
    You’re a tool.

    Have a nice life =)

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