Robert Pepple Juggalo with High IQ

juggalo idiot
High IQ Juggalo – In the fourth grade allegedly had an I.Q. of 192 well above genius

Robert Pepple – Jul 5, 2010 @ 9:25

How about this, I am a juggalo and i can finish a sentence without saying the words, fuck, bitch, ect. Excluding the last sentence of course. If you really this that this is gonna stop anything your wrong. You should really go and do more research before you go and accuse anyone of being a psycho killer just for listening to music. I can tell you now that i personally have called out the “Juggalo Holocaust”, told them where they can find me and how they can get a hold of me if they were too scared to see me in person, and nothing happened. If you think all juggalos are ignorant little kids who can’t properly put a sentence together, think about this. In the fourth grade I had an I.Q. of 192, well above genius. Now that doesn’t go for all juggalos, but look at any other group of people. Out of the 6 billion people on this planet how many of them can you say are decent people. So please before you go and spit some stupid and ignorant word about people you don’t know, think about it, maybe you yourself are the evil ignorant fool.

So if you have a problem then here is my info again. I live in Vancouver, WA. My E-Mail is , or contact me @ or

Robert Pepple – Jul 5, 2010 @ 10:03

Ight so you take a juggalos shit and with all your home boys standing around you want him to fight your for it… if it was me i’d have beat your bitch ass for even trying to take my shit… come try that shit with me!!! Vancouver, WA, you got my info come get some nigga

5 responses to “Robert Pepple Juggalo with High IQ

  1. fuckallofyouhaters

    i have and iq of 136 that is genuis and i am a jugglo and i aint scred any one who wants to kill me i live in inverness florida and will be going to citrus county high this 9th grade abviusly so come and kill me

  2. The juggalo holocaust is made up of a bunch of pussies….they won’t step up unless they outnumber you

  3. Even if they out number me, GOOD LUCK.

    I am not the kind of person who should be fucked with. I have had it with this shit, and yes i will be saying FUCK SHIT BITCH and ASS in this comment, numerous times. The above post is profe enough that i don’t need to use these words, but at this point i could give a fuck less.

    You talk all of your shit and i have yet to see your bitch ass around my streets. What are you too much of a pussy to show your face? Come on now, if I was talking all the shit you are then hell yeah I’d show myself. You act like your not afraid and you have nothing to hide, but your really just a punk bitch hater that no one even likes. I bet your own fuckin mother don’t wanna see your wack ass, and that’s why you hide behind your bullshit web page. Come to think of it, it sounds to me like you have no life at all. To be able to pull as many “stories”, and that’s what they are, no more than stories, you must have no live. You sit at your computer pulling up any little thing you can find and post it as a long drawn out statement to make juggalos look like the most evil people on the planet. Why don’t you go and pull information about other groups of people, and see how many more stories and event you’ll find? Oh, that’s right your just a piece of shit loser who can hardly get of his fat ass to make it to the bathroom on time. So you sit day and night in your pile of shit and piss, making half of this shit up to try and make yourself feel better about the fact that mommy and daddy don’t love you. Well fuck that, you are no better then Hitler the way you single people out and you even call yourself the “Juggalo Holocaust”. You even have to use our name. What a fucking loser. I makes me said to know that the gods could have made such and ignorant person, and that you have survived this long to even catch the attention of us. Oh, now i get it, this whole thing is a way for you to get some attention. Did your mom not give you enough tit when you were a baby? Did daddy spank you too hard? All the kids at school call you fat, ugly or stupid too many times? That’s life bitch get over it. FUCK.

    Well I have had enough of this. If you really think you got something then come bring it bitch. Prove me wrong and come see me. If you don’t want to be eating out of a tube for the rest of your life then i wouldn’t suggest it, but if you have a death wish then by all means, I can help you with your death at no charge. It would be my pleasure.

    To all the Los/Lettes, don’t let anything stop your shine. WHOOP WHOOP MUTHA FAKOO!!!

  4. Oh yeah you also used my picture from my music myspace… THANKS FOR THE HITS ASSHOLE!!!

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