Should i let my children listen to Icp Insane clown posse or go to concerts?

Here is the general consensus –  icp should not be listened to by children and everyone who allows their children to listen to artists such as twiztid , insane clown posse or blaze ya dead homey is wrong.

A 14 year old shouldn’t be going to a concert without an adult period. ICP really isn’t something I would want my child listening to either. Some of their stuff is beyond vulgar.

absolutely not. ICP is hideous, and regardless of gang affiliations their music is definitely not appropriate for a young teenager. the fact that she is a girl just makes her being there more dangerous for her.

I wouldn’t, of course, also wouldn’t have let them go to some of the other ones you mentioned. ICP concerts have a tendency to get out of hand though, not a good reputation at all.

god, your daughter has bad taste in music.

seriously, ICP fans are the stupidest people on the planet. they like to act hard and cause trouble when they’re not watching jerry springer back in the trailer.
i wouldn’t let her go.

No. ICP sucks. But besides that. Many concert venues serve alcohol. There will be older men there,possibly drunk. To me,not a safe place for a 14 year old girl to go alone,or even with friends. She should be accompanied by a trusted adult if you should decide to let her go.

No. Burn the ICP CD’s she has too.

I’m not some crazily conservative prude, but seriously. Insane Clown Posse is legit WRONG.

My friend’s sister went to one of those and got messed up after it. It is a dangerous clientele of people that are attending those concerts. For her safety I wouldn’t advise you to let her go. If it’s really a matter of her wanting badly to go then say yes but go with her to see what this group has to offer. Personally, the band is a little creepy. If you say no to her going suggest another concert, underoath, as I lay dying, paramore, are good alternatives.

personally wouldn’t let my child that age go to an ICP concert. they really are a vulgar group. i don’t think i would mind so much her listening to them at that age. like i said i use to but i can only imagine what type of crowd their concerts bring in. i wouldn’t really say gangs i can’t imagine it being anything like that. im from detroit and have seen gang members and ICP’s biggest followers trust me they are not one in the same.

get her into better music ICP sucks

also ICP fans are THE biggest douche nozzles to EVER exist…a bunch of white boys trying to act all hardcore

If it was any other concert i would say yes, but ICP is a whole new ball park. The concerts themselves are violent, and the fans seem to lack respect for other people. I wouldn’t go to their show because I would be afriad for my safety, let alone that of a 14 year old.

ICP has a lot of gang violence attached to it which is whhy it has been banned from schools. I would make a compromise with her tell her she can attend a different show, one where the fans aren’t so crazy.

ICP is whole different ball park from the bands you listed for one reason, the fans become obsessed and in doing so they become violent.

Honestly, I usually answer ‘yes’ to these types of parenting questions, but as a 15 year old girl I have to say no way to this one. I have personally been threatened by a ‘juggalo’ , aka someone that listens to icp. Please dont let her go.

Well ICP isnt technically gang affiliated, but their followers are, unfortunately complying to what you hear about them, tend to behave erratically and without regard for others. Part of being an ICP fan, aka, “juggalo” or ‘juggalette” is “not giving a ****” and therefor, they are sometimes less than respectful even going so far as to carry blades and such on them and being okay using them on haters or rich people.

So there you have it , dont let children go to a icp concert and dont let them listen to icp music or you are a bad parent.

25 responses to “Should i let my children listen to Icp Insane clown posse or go to concerts?

  1. Juggalo Rellik

    “also ICP fans are THE biggest douche nozzles to EVER exist…a bunch of white boys trying to act all hardcore”
    HAHAHAHAHA wow, now that’s the opinion of an economy sized douche bag, considering not all Juggalo’s are white, and we don’t act “hardcore” If your kid wants to go to an ICP concert let em go. I couldn’t tell you how many kids i saw at the last show i went to. People of ALL ages go to these shows, from 10 years old, to 45 years old…. Don’t deny them, go with them. You can’t just listen to the lyrics of a song and judge a band… Marilyn Manson, Eminem, Korn, Slayer, so on and so forth ALL have controversial lyrics. In other words, don’t be a closed minded bigot.

  2. fuckallofyouhaters

    iam 13 and listen to them and i am not dumd trailer trash i live in the city and am one of the smartest kids in my school so you all can go fuck yourselfs you dont like ICP because the dont sugar coat there lyrics and you get your pantys up in a bucnch anytime someone says something you dont like if the backstreet boys said that they like to have sex with girls you would let your kids listen would you cause you are too damn sensitive i also belive it has something to do with rap parents let ther kids listen to some hardcore metal groups that sing about the devil and rape and murder and it is ok

    • fuckthefaggotaboveme

      oh my god i laughed harder than i have in a long time reading your bullshit comment. I know this was a year ago but your pathetic attempt at saying your the smartest kid in school yet you lack basic grammar skills had me laughing the entire time, not to mention the fact that your entire paragraph doesn’t make a bit of sense. in conclusion you should be 14 now and if you haven’t had your ass kicked yet i hope it happens soon and you realize how ridiculous you sound.

  3. uh dude nooooo. fail.
    im a lette and im fine, im not stupid, im from bosnia and grew up in america in the ghetto now i live in the city i needed a bigger place to stay. whatever, i dont act hard, i am hard and straight up cold to every bitch that hates on ninjas cept cool peeps and the fam.
    id say let kids listen to whatever they want to listen to, music sets people free and the shows are really fun. i wouldnt say they’re 100% safe but its still worth going. anbody who has weird dumb strict parents who dont let you listen to the music that you wanna listen to, sucks to be you and really if theres a will theres a way, if u wanna listen to icp go to fuckin youtube.
    and sweety im pretty smart i moved to germany a few years back, and couldnt speak the language at all and then i learned it perfectly in 1 year.
    im better in school than most of the kids in my class so no not all los or lettes and anybody that listens to icp is dumb. ur opinion is like an asshole, nobody wants to see it and nobody wants to listen to it cept the strange mental parents of teens out there. and nobody cares about them.

  4. are you serious right now? you took my question on yahoo answers, and posted all the bad responses to it.. your fucking dumb, wth?

  5. kaylee who are you talking to?

  6. Yes i would. Im 13 my mom let me get 4 icp tattoos. Now. Say when you was a kid and your mom told you that you cant go or do something. How mad was you? Do you want your kids to feel like that.

  7. You know what fuck you you pussy bitches keep posting this shit and it’s retarded I was listening to Icp at the age of ten I’m almost 20 now if my kid asked me to go to a concert I would say yes.

    • omg FUCKING THANK YOU for not being a bitch. i would let my kids go too but they would have to have somebody with them xD like a few friends or something.
      i’ve been listening to icp since i was 6! 😀 and now im 14! and im very proud of who i am i been down since the first few seconds of listening to icp 😉 yeeeah


  8. depends who you are man… you Can but only if you trust them enough and that you have full confodence in their behavior there. You’re the parent and having freedoms IS ok, make sure to get something OUT of the reward before you Give it to them… k?

  9. Well, well, well… WHY cant people have the right to do whatever they want? Like come on. Its not your choice, its the kids parent choice. Also if the kid likes that music then let them listen to it. They arent doing anything bad so just stfu. Its okay to give your opinion but really, it’s just a band who likes to write those type of songs. Also im white and that was kinda offensive to say. Anybody could listen to that band it doesnt really matter. Its not your choice. A kid should just listen to whatever they want. Maybe like a 9 year old listening to P.O.D its just metal music. Anybody can have an opinion but its not the answer. So, im saying that its their choice and not yours.


  10. Well reading all of these comments I mean I don’t like letting my child listening to them but I’m not gonna stop her from liking her own music. I mean it upsets me to hear her singing to her music about killing and stiff but at least she’s happy listening to What she likes I’m all set with it.

  11. OMG you fucking noobs!let them listen to it im 10 and ive been down with the clown since age 4 and im not messed up even if i did say fuck how many times did you say it in your childhood? im just sayin let her go with a responsible adult above twenty one

  12. 2012 gathering of the juggalos will be in east haddam connecticut see you their in august

  13. haters will be haters.
    let her go she will have fun.
    Icp is a christian band. you just dont take the time to listen to it. i love as i lay dyeing but PARAMORE? what are you? 4? go ride a pony wus. quit talking trash. icp is a CHRISTIAN band. look it up.

    Juggalete for life. WHOOP WHOOP!

  14. she should go i listen to them i love my juggalo family but they are a good band in 95 there interview showed the world what they thought they belive the world is just a screwed up as anyone else this world is fucked up and needs people like icp to tell it how it is

  15. My parents don’t let me listen to icp and I still do it and I’m 12. My parents can’t fucking control me!


  16. I used to (sadly) listen to this bullshit when I was younger. I grew the fuck up & realized how amazingly STUPID it is. I mean come the fuck on, a bunch of GROWN ASS MEN in their middle ages painting their faces & spraying faygo? Get real, your ‘family’ is a scam. Don’t let your kid listen to ICP. They’re brainwashers, honestly. They make you seem like you belong to something, and it’s something you don’t want your child to belong to. I’ve done so much stupid shit due to my past ‘juggalette’ ways. Let her listen to anything BUT this… for her sake.

  17. K too start off it all depends let him listen to it at first and if he starts acting all crazy then he needs to quit listening to it im a juggalo i dont do anything that is gang or crime related cause that has nothing to what bein a juggalo is about i got all A’s and B’s at my school in my opinion some juggalos are just dazed and confused out there that really all a juggalo is a person who understands the whole dark carnival witch is the after life and that you support the music that means buying tshirts and shit like that and haveing respect for the juggalo fam like bein there for them all that stuff and its all bout bein your self not caring who judges the way you are there music is like KoRn bassicaly they help innocent kids that get neglected and picked on feel like they have every right to live on this world and thats bassicaly what the the whole juggalo famly thing is where all accepted no matter what i have cleared things up here now hope this helps theres nothing wrong with listening to icp it really just depends on how your kid acts when the kid listens to music and if the fact that he/she knows not to take anything seriously when it comes to lyrics

  18. -Cough- This is.. Hm.. I’ve been down since i was 14. I’m 18 now. Your not going to just stop your kid from listening to music they enjoy. That’s straight up bullshit. Telling your kid “You may not listen to this” Is like saying “Yup go behind my back and listen”. Because they will no matter what. If you cant have respect for my family.. I say go and fuck yourself. Get off the dick and live on with your life. You hate us, we get way more stronger. Mcl~

  19. After reading through the comments I have to say I see ICP in a whole new light. Apparently only little kids listen to them. It seems like once kids grow up they realize the band is a fucking joke. I keep seeing that a juggalo (purposely not capitalized) is one who “doesn’t give a fuck”. It’s easy not to when you a teenager. Once you all grow up and you can’t even get a job at McDonald’s then you might.

  20. Ok so ICP isn’t that bad. yeah most people would talk there songs the wrong way, but to tell you kid you cant listen to then only makes them want to more. if your child wants to listen to ICP then let them, just explain to them not to go around killed or threatening people afterwards.

  21. There ain’t anything wrong with ICP I listen to em everyday all day WHOOP WHOOP MMFWCL4L

  22. And most of u hating fucks just pissed cause they got money they got sht most of u will never have once again WHOOP WHOOP

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