Squidbillies makes fun on the insane clown posse , juggalos cry

Some cartroon called Squidbillies had a insane clown posse and juggalo eppisode .. juggalos are now furious with anger.


seriously…the media in general can blow me. but everyone chiming in on juggalos right now can REALLY eat nut. squidbillies basically said that juggalos are white trash. i understand that not all ninjas are the most sophisticated folk in the world but that sure as fuck doesnt apply to every single juggalo. don’t any of you still have respect for yourself and what you believe in? paul f. tompkins (the stand up comedian who played the angel in the ATHF episode) is a complete butt pussy. any “juggalo” who thought that shit was funny is equally vaginal in the anus region. im starting to think a lot of the attention juggalos have gotten from adult swim really does stem from mc chris being so butt hurt about the gathering. and with other huge names in the mainstream media making fun of us, its just been a perfect opportunity for cartoon network to get a laugh also.

WoW wheres the family attacking MC Chris because hes a JH member and all

11 responses to “Squidbillies makes fun on the insane clown posse , juggalos cry

  1. Juggalos R. Stupid

    Juggaloism is just retarded in general. The Music is terrible, the listeners are trailer trash, and fucking magnets how do they work?

  2. thats awesome, watched the episode and its a fair representation on how all the faggalos function

  3. fuck the juggalo holocaust

    like my name says fuck the juggalo haterz

    • Whoop whoop hate all u want but we aint goin no where. How bout quit bitchin bout los n lettes and go do sumtin productive wit urself BIIITCH!!

      • You’re just a music cult from this generation, stemming from horrible music, clothing, make-up, and ridiculous mannerisms. ICP’s music will NOT leave a mark in the revolution of music, because it’s so damn terrible. The only reason ICP became popular in the first place? Clown make-up, their genre of music, slang, and as I mentioned before–mannerisms.

        I find it ironic that you choose to live the lifestyle of a “Juggalo”, a.k.a. ICP cult member, and tell others to live a productive life. Your life is revolved around an ignorant and puerile fad, simple and true. So, in short: Stop YOUR bitching, clown. WHOOP WHOOP.

  4. Hey, I have a question, feel free to email me.

    So if he is called a hatchet man, why does he clearly carry a meat cleaver.

    And just for those of you who still don’t know how it works:

  5. Juggalos stick together

  6. lol MC Chris butt hurt over gotgay? I think not, violent j butt hurt cuz he hasnt been gettin love there lately, much more beliveable.

    MC Chris>Squidbillies>ATHF>Juggalos>ViolentGay

    Juggalos, get butt hurt.

  7. Doesn’t matter how u look , act or ne of that shit a juggalo love the music not how they are. Fuck all u hatters out there . I grew up to icp an got further into it over the years. JUGGALO FAMILY WOOT WOOT!!!!

  8. thenameless125

    saying all juggalos are white trash is like saying all Hispanics are illegal so if you think that jugglalos are white trash is not realistic and people who say they are obviously have issuses and use juggalos as an excuse to take out there problems on comeing from a 13 year old juggalo

  9. With how illiterate you sound, spuidbillies has it right on target! It’s called a joke people stop you bitching get over it

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