Daily Archives: July 7, 2010

More Juggalo anger over squidbillies clowny freaks

Go Squidbillies , juggalos and fans of the insane clown posse are getting more and more upset over the last episode clowny freaks . Heres one such comment

The “cartoonish” nature of ICP and the world they created (Dark Carnival) still relates to the real world. See, I grew up in Detroit, and when they would rap about “Sellin’ rocks on Vernor and Springwells”…well, I got it, because that’s my world. “I ride down Central, kickin’ the bass”, Hell yes, I did that and still do it. “I’m Coming Home” is one song in particular that captures the mentality of Detroit and its thug community. I climbed my way out of the insanity of Detroit as well, so I can RELATE to ICP on that level.

Conversely, I cannot relate to a small blue dog, a sponge in pants, redneck squids, talking farm animals, pissed of aquatic mammals, or any of the other things that have been brought up. What do I hate about cartoons? Namely the adults who still watch them. There is nothing wrong with a child watching cartoons, I did when I was a child as well. But at one point, I grew up, went to college, achieved my career goals and moved on with my life. See, my career deals in the realities of everyday life, so I need to stay grounded therein. For the record, I never insulted anyone’s intellect, just the intellectual value of cartoons. I can understand how that may have confused you fool, given the fact that you don’t seem to understand much of anything I have said. It’s ok, education isn’t a requirement to live your lifestyle anyway!