More Juggalo anger over squidbillies clowny freaks

Go Squidbillies , juggalos and fans of the insane clown posse are getting more and more upset over the last episode clowny freaks . Heres one such comment

The “cartoonish” nature of ICP and the world they created (Dark Carnival) still relates to the real world. See, I grew up in Detroit, and when they would rap about “Sellin’ rocks on Vernor and Springwells”…well, I got it, because that’s my world. “I ride down Central, kickin’ the bass”, Hell yes, I did that and still do it. “I’m Coming Home” is one song in particular that captures the mentality of Detroit and its thug community. I climbed my way out of the insanity of Detroit as well, so I can RELATE to ICP on that level.

Conversely, I cannot relate to a small blue dog, a sponge in pants, redneck squids, talking farm animals, pissed of aquatic mammals, or any of the other things that have been brought up. What do I hate about cartoons? Namely the adults who still watch them. There is nothing wrong with a child watching cartoons, I did when I was a child as well. But at one point, I grew up, went to college, achieved my career goals and moved on with my life. See, my career deals in the realities of everyday life, so I need to stay grounded therein. For the record, I never insulted anyone’s intellect, just the intellectual value of cartoons. I can understand how that may have confused you fool, given the fact that you don’t seem to understand much of anything I have said. It’s ok, education isn’t a requirement to live your lifestyle anyway!

20 responses to “More Juggalo anger over squidbillies clowny freaks

  1. fuckallofyouhaters

    i was a littel steamed about the episode but i am open minded and in the end it was entertaining
    adult swim has been dissing icp alot latly maybe they ran out of other stuf to joke about

  2. Highly amusing. Goes on a nostalgia kick about his “thug life” and obsession with grown men who wear clown makeup then complains about adults not being very mature because they watch cartoons.

  3. ICP SUCKS balls

    That episode is really funny and the truth about it is that only wanna be niggers like ICP, Their music sucks they could not write rock songs so they like to steal from the black man. WAKE UP your white I know you wish you were black but your not.

    If you were as smart as you claim you would have seen how in the episode they not once made a joke in bad taste or one that you could call a insult towards ICP. If your musical taste is any indicator of your intelligence then your a moron because ICP does not only have bad songs but 100% of ICP fans are total utter morons. They ripped off kiss as well as any sort of black metal.

    • … wow… i’m not sure if i should correct this note or just re write it for you so that you do not bring down the party you are in. honestly i don’t like the music or the fan basis, but really man, SHUT UP! when you write a argument claiming that a particular group of people are of a lesser caliber of your self; you should take a second to proof read and edit your note to at least appear to be on the same lever as the note you are writing against.
      just a suggestion…

  4. I’ve been a fan of ICP for more than 10s, and I wasn’t offended at all. It was funny. Some of you really need to lighten up. YOU DRESS LIKE CLOWNS, how can you be so serious?

  5. Yeah, that episode was hilarious, and they didnt even really diss anything, kinda poked fun at it but it was awesome, ATHF dissed ICP more than squidbillies did and ICP was in the episode! so piss off. Squidbillies > Juggalos

    P.S. early made a picture perfect juggalo bajaj

  6. Since it is a cartoon, why is this guy taking it so seriously?

    This show contradicts itself every chance it gets (just like ATHF; both do it in the funniest way possible too): In “Butt Trouble” Rusty is laying eggs, then in “the Good One” they show Lil giving live birth. In the first episode they say Rusty is raised by his white mother (Krystal), then on the musical episode they say the band Jackyl raised him. It’s just silliness. I didn’t een feel like they were making fun of Juggalos so much; I felt like they just thought it would be funny if Early became a Juggalo.

  7. juggaols are fags

  8. This episode kinda annoyed me. Iv been down for several years and they(to me) are poking way to much at it. Clowny Daggers? Seriously. Im sorry but this episode was a joke for squidbilles. The worst one yet. And that is not steming from the fact im a juggalette

  9. Wow, what a toolbag… so into dudes in clown makeup rapping about shit they made up but cartoons, many of which have socio-political commentary that kids don’t even get, should be abandoned after childhood. I know a LOT of college grads who watch The Simpsons; not one that likes ICP.

  10. So grown men can wear makeup and create a lifestyle based on what’s essentially a joke band, but if we watch cartoons then we’re immature?

    I think I understand…

  11. One of the best squidbillies episodes yet.

  12. eric bassmaster

    “For the record, I never insulted anyone’s intellect… you fool”

  13. So let me get this straight. According to juggalos:

    Watching cartoons = childish
    Dressing like clowns = mature

    Goddamn, juggalos are stupid as hell.

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  15. Do you relate to grown men dressing like children’s characters in real life then? That is a helluva lot more juvenile then cartoons on late at night. Really? Fat whitey spraying shitty soda on society’s lowest common denominator and “rapping?” about the mysteries of magnets? Seeing as that stint in junior college makes you like a PH.D in juggalo education I hope you understand what a fucktard you are.

  16. Ok its just a cartoon people….when cartoonists make something llike this they want people to get angry and upset i’m a juggelette myself and i did watch it on adult swim and i found it a little entertaining yea i know they were making fun of juggalos but it doesn’t matter squidbillies isnt the first one to do that and it wont be the last…if you get angry over a little cartoon then turn off the damn tv, stop complaining, and read a book

  17. If juggalos weren’t such rampant beast-queers then cartoon squids wouldn’t be compelled to mock them. College graduate… was it clown college?

  18. This is a fairly amusing little rant. This person claims that they can relate to grown men who dress up as clowns and rap about dealing with their emotions in a most childish fashion, then goes on to say that adults shouldn’t be watching these cartoons, which aren’t intended for children at all. Most children wouldn’t even understand the underlying themes and these particular cartoons are aimed directly at adults, being shown in the “Adult Swim” time frame, when kids are supposed to be in be asleep. The person then goes on to discuss intellect, which they should either left alone. It really amuses me to no end to see some of the comments that people write discussing intellect and intelligence, and then they apparently forgot to proofread their comments. Apparently his career, which is so grounded in ‘the realities of everyday life’, doesn’t consider things like grammar, spelling, and punctuation a part of ‘everyday life’. Take a look at yourself before your start pointing out flaws in others, especially where intelligence is concerned. I am not a fan of ICP, but I am a strong believer in Free Speech, artistic license, and a person’s right to embrace any lifestyle they choose, as long as they aren’t causing harm to others. This comment is simply ridiculous, as the author revealed his or herself to be a walking contradiction.

  19. You people are all idiots. It’s music, even if you don’t like it; someone does. Get a life.

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