Insane clown posse song leads to sword attack – Chicken Huntin

The insane clown posse song chicken hunting has caused a juggalo to stab someone with a sword . Insane clown posse has not commented on another crime commited by one of their followers the juggalos .

MANITOWOC — A Two Rivers man told police a song containing gruesome lyrics about mutilation was going through his mind prior to allegedly attacking his former roommate with a samurai sword Saturday, Manitowoc Police Det. David Vorpahl said Wednesday.

Nickolas Blackwelder, 19, faces charges of first-degree reckless injury, aggravated battery, mayhem, burglary and disorderly conduct.

Troy Jaschob, 36, was sleeping in his east-side Two Rivers home when Blackwelder reportedly entered the residence and attacked him. Police found Jaschob unconscious on his neighbor’s porch in the 1000 block of 19th Street about 4 a.m. with life-threatening injuries, according to a Two Rivers Police Department news release.

Blackwelder admitted striking Jaschob several times, causing deep cuts to his head, torso and arms. He said he was upset that Jaschob had allegedly accused him of stealing his property while they lived together, according to the release.

Manitowoc Police Det. Mike Stone said Blackwelder is a self-proclaimed follower of the Insane Clown Posse, a hardcore hip-hop band known for its lyrics about murder. Blackwelder told police the song that was in his head — “Chicken Huntin‘” — calms him.

Circuit Court Commissioner Patricia Koppa set cash bail at $50,000 Wednesday. Koppa said during the bail hearing that mayhem is an uncommon but serious felony charge. Wisconsin State statutes define the act of mayhem as “whoever with intent to disable or disfigure another, cuts or mutilates the tongue, eye, ear, nose, lip, limb or other bodily member.”

Jaschob was transported to Aurora BayCare Medical Center in Green Bay Saturday, and later gave police Blackwelder’s name. Two Rivers Police Capt. Brian Kohlmeier said Jaschob has been released from the hospital and is recovering.

Blackwelder was taken into custody for a burglary probation hold about 1 a.m. Sunday pending questioning. Blackwelder remains in custody in Manitowoc County Jail.

The Manitowoc County District Attorney’s office is expected to file a criminal complaint before his July 19 initial appearance.

While in custody, Blackwelder also was arrested for second-degree sexual assault of a child. On Saturday evening, he and a 15-year-old girl walked to Lincoln High School where they allegedly had sexual intercourse, according to the police report.

Blackwelder reportedly told the female he knew having sex with her was wrong because of her age and he would be in trouble if police found out.

Stone said the incident was not a force-rape situation, but the female cannot give consent because she is underage.

Blackwelder has been convicted of multiple charges of criminal damage to property, burglary, party to a crime of burglary, party to a crime of theft, escaping from criminal arrest, operating a vehicle without an owner’s consent and bail jumping in 2007 and 2008 in Manitowoc County.

3 responses to “Insane clown posse song leads to sword attack – Chicken Huntin

  1. fuckallofyouhaters

    hahahhhah fnniest shit i read all day but th made stabber is just looking for an excuse for his actions

    That shit is all fake I know that kid It was NOT a samurai sword it was a pocket knife and That dude that ended up in the hospital was cause’n shit, there is alot more to this story then people know. and I love how people can talk shit about some one they don’t even know, Nick is a good guy.. thing this artical didn’t list about nick is he use to help any one he could, use to got to Youth group ( a church Program for Teens and Kids) and he would always be there for you.. who ever wants to talk shit go head but the truth is here now.

  3. i know its late but nicky is my cousin and i love him yeah he does do stupid stuff but i do believe there is a hell of a lot more to the story then that nicky is a nice dude always watched me when i needed always helped with my problems and as a child with a family that didnt understand her nick was my best friend i cant wait for the day i get to see him and anyone who wants to bad mouth him needs to shut up you dont know him so dont assume you do just because you read some lie in the news paper or watched it on tv dont try to make it seem you understand my cousin cuz you dont and thank you to his friend i appreciate you standing up for him

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