Put down the Juggalo Dogs

Four pit bulls that bit a Warren man June 1 will remain housed at the Macomb County Animal Shelter until a judge determines their fate sometime within the next two to four weeks.

Sterling Heights Police Lt. Luke Riley said the owner of the dogs, Justin Baker, faces a hearing in Sterling Heights 41-A District Court on misdemeanor violations of having unlicensed animals and harboring dangerous animals.

Police said the dogs got out of their Sterling Heights home and attacked a man who was riding his bike near Metropolitan Parkway and Mound Road. The victim sustained several puncture wounds, and was treated and released from a nearby hospital.

“The owner did show us proof that the dogs were vaccinated, up to date on their rabies,” Riley said. “That’s a good thing because animals have to be euthanized before being tested for rabies. They would have been put down.”

Baker, who rescued his animals, said he is going to fight for his dogs.

“They’re my family and they wouldn’t attack someone unless they were provoked,” Baker said. “I’m talking to witnesses who said (the dogs) were scared and they were provoked. I’m still trying to figure out how they got out. I think someone opened the gate. My dogs don’t just run the neighborhood.”

Baker also said the case is getting a lot of attention because of their breed.

“These aren’t viscous dogs; they’re family pets.”

Police said the incident happened around 1:30 p.m. on June 1 and they responded after receiving a call that a man was being attacked.

Several neighbors in the area saw it happen and came to chase the dogs away; one had a shovel, police said.

Two of the dogs stayed in the area and were captured immediately by officials. The other two were picked up separately in the nearby suburb.

City ordinance indicates the maximum number of adult dogs per household is four. All dogs must have licenses, but these animals didn’t, police said.

Until the hearing, Baker is permitted to visit his dogs – named Blumpkin, Poopstain, Juggalo Jay and Jamie Madrox – at the shelter.

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