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Another Ex Juggalo – Dear Juggalos….

Another Juggalo quits being a juggalo…..

So yes. I am done. Done being a juggalo. Being a juggalo originally was to just be yourself. Now, it is some kind of crazy ass cult-like gang thing. Do you really think a group of people dressing the exact same represents individuality? Also, it isn’t a family. IT IS A GANG. I realize the fact that you all care about each other and think of each other as family, but that doesn’t make it any less of a gang. And believing that you can actually get to heaven/whatever by believing and following the Dark Carnival….if you actually believe this, then you truly are psychopathic. I can’t stand the unbelivable level of stupid that 99.9999% of juggalos bring. I’m not into the music and I can’t relate with most juggalos. So therefore, I bid you all adieu. It’s been fun, I regret nothing.

j reginyld freekshow, Juggalo Lawyer

j reginyld freekshow, Juggalo Lawyer

funny scenario for a fake juggalo lawyer .. we all know juggalos cant be lawyers due to their education but props to jh members for making the sick ass cartoon check it out here

j reginyld freekshow, Juggalo Lawyer