Another Ex Juggalo – Dear Juggalos….

Another Juggalo quits being a juggalo…..

So yes. I am done. Done being a juggalo. Being a juggalo originally was to just be yourself. Now, it is some kind of crazy ass cult-like gang thing. Do you really think a group of people dressing the exact same represents individuality? Also, it isn’t a family. IT IS A GANG. I realize the fact that you all care about each other and think of each other as family, but that doesn’t make it any less of a gang. And believing that you can actually get to heaven/whatever by believing and following the Dark Carnival….if you actually believe this, then you truly are psychopathic. I can’t stand the unbelivable level of stupid that 99.9999% of juggalos bring. I’m not into the music and I can’t relate with most juggalos. So therefore, I bid you all adieu. It’s been fun, I regret nothing.

11 responses to “Another Ex Juggalo – Dear Juggalos….

  1. fuckallofyouhaters

    i am thinking about stoping being a juggalo back i ntehearly days it was a faimly bt then new juggalos come and dont understand the philsofy and give the real jugglos a bad name so it is the new comers own damn fault they think that you go around killing peole bcause they dont exept you and that anything that dises them is bad nadthey throw a fit so they are closed minded bigots the philsofy is to not give a fuck hwat peole say about you not attck them just walk away and dont pay them an attention

  2. Ive been into the music for a looong time now. And I couldnt agree woth both of you anymore. All juggalos are now adays are close minded clones and brainwashed zombies. Its way different now than it used to be. You got to look at it like this… The old generation of juggalos were very diverse and open minded because before us there was no such thing as a juggalo we set the standard and then the generation after us took it gave us a bad name… Whatever, but the newest generation, they make us all look like scum. I dont rep that shit anymore ya, I go to the shows still but half the fun is making fun of all the little clones, and making fun of the clowns themselves. At the expence of repeating… THERE IS NO FAMILY LEFT YOU ARE A GANG. Now I dont believe in JH it shouldnt make that big of a deal to them, that they wan to kill them all because there are some ‘good’ juggalos still out there,but I do agree with a good 80% of what they have to say about juggalos. Sometimes the truth hurts and jugglos cnt handle it

  3. Travis Doppler

    fucking traitors. nuff said

  4. agreed pauly but you can still be yourself and be a juggalo it thought thats what it was supposed to be. buttt the new ones tht dont understand shit are fakes straight up fuck them they shouldnt be at or shows if they arnt down.

  5. I only been Juggalo since christmas of 07 and i hate anyone who tries to turn my family into a gang. im only 18 and im the most openminded person i know. if what yall are saying about the old days are true i wish i could of been there with you.

  6. Now, I wish they would all realize that . Why can’t people just enjoy music……

  7. The word cult pejoratively refers to a group whose beliefs or practices are considered abnormal or bizarre.[1] The word originally denoted a system of ritual practices. The narrower, derogatory sense of the word is a product of the 20th century, especially since the 1980s, and is considered subjective. It is also a result of the anti-cult movement which uses the word in reference to groups seen as authoritarian, exploitative and that are believed to use dangerous rituals or mind control. The word implies a group which is a minority in a given society. ok reda this and tell me how JUGGAOLs are a fucking cult hahaha your stupid


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  9. Im an ex juggalo. I was just as deeply into it as any of you are. I had every cd, many many t shirts and jerseys, even had the 100 dollar hatchetman charm on my chain. As time went on, Things changed. The music wasnt the same. All of the new juggalos ruined it for all of us. or maybe I just grew up. If things were the way they were from 99-03 forever, Id probably still be down. The click went mainstream its just another trend, everybody knows about it. Back then it felt cool knowing you loved ICP and nobody knew about it, but you and your whole “fam”. The Shangri-La and Green Book era was so dope, nothing could ever compare. For anyone else that was there for that. They kno what im talking about. The Freek Show – Bizzar/Bizaar era too. I feel like ICP doesnt care about the “Fam” the way they market it. Its just a scheme to take advantage of lost people’s wallets. Jamie and Paul are very talented rappers tho and wouldve suceeded in hip hop if they never signed to psychopathic. Ill still throw on an old track from back then once in a while, but i can proudly say I am not a brain washed “juggalo” and never will be ever again, proof ICP doesnt care about there “Fam” TWIZTID QUIT OVER MONEY.

  10. The juggalos are toothless hacks with bad grammar. The group is made up of dumb nerds from grade school who didn’t fall into the smart crowd, but instead, spent their time in the library, or bench in the furthest reaches of school playing D&D, Magic the Gathering, or Pokemon. At some point they realize they haven’t amounted to much in life, and take on this pho-gangster persona to attempt to counter the fact that they are in fact, the losers in school. Where do I come off saying all of this, you ask? I was friends with people like this in HS. I know the small town type who falls into this crowd. I’ve moved on and made something of myself. My ex-friends of the past however, have not. It all has a very “trench coat mafia”, Columbine feel to it all. It’s pathetic.

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