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So, I was litteraly just looking up backrounds for myspace and came accrow this crap about a Juggalo Holocaust. Well it kind of makes me a little upset, and thats pretty hard to do, I am a juggalette. I am a calm person, I never really get mad. but when I read something like this I cant even really cogitate words. I dont understand why there is so much hate. I have gone my whole life never really getting made or hating people because thats not what I grew up with, best part about it is that my real family isnt the one that taught me how to live this way, my juggalo family is. And I know there is a lot of juggalos out there that give us a bad name but why judge eveyone for something only a few of us do. I have friends in like every state its not like we have to conform to just juggalos and juggalettes and like 80% of my friends are not in the fam, but we are real people and we are not a cult. We just choose to live our lives a little different from the average person. I have been in the fam for around 19 years, and I know what the family is about it is not everyone looking and acting the same and conforming to the same things we are all just conected by a common bond. That bond is that we just want acceptance for everyone. And the whole juggalos and lettes are retarded thing is starting to irritate me. I graduated on high honors at the top of my class and two years early from Calvary Chapel Christian Academy. Oh and my favorite color is pink, I listen to all music, just thought I would throw some random crap in there. Oh and for kicks, I go to church like 3 times every week, and my family (blood relatives) dont even believe in God, but my juggalo family well we all go and I could probably tell you more about the bible than anyone else. So please if you have a problem with juggalos and juggalettes please get ahold of me I am not saying I would change your mind about all of us but maybe you could make a new friend, and not be so judgemental. Thank you for your time. Hope you had fun reading this randomness. Keisha.
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6 responses to “JUGGALO – YOU MAD

  1. ICP has been around since 1989.That’s 21 years ago mothafucka.So she ain’t “mad”.Maybe you should do your research before you run your bitch ass mouth.

  2. I was going to come on here and say that ICP has been doing this shit for 21 years, but someone beat me to it.

    Thank you Keisha. I may not be a Christian/Catholic, but it shows that not all of us are bad evil people. I am a Wiccan, though I did grow up in a Christian family. It taught me alot about how a person should be treated. The church my family went to years ago cast me out, for the soul reason that I listen to the Insane Clown Posse. At the time I was very angry about this, but i have come to forgive those who looked down on me, for I know that they couldn’t see that listening to something doesn’t make me who I am. Unlike you I get very angry when people who don’t know what they are talking about try to pretend they know everything there is to know in this world. I know for a fact that I don’t, but I have seen thing that no one else has, or should for that fact. I wouldn’t wish half of the things I have gone through on my worst enemies, and that’s saying alot, for there are those out there who have done unforgivable things.

    I also agree with LetteLove57, please before any one who runs this site goes and comments on anything, or post some bullshit about how “All juggalos/lettes are evil cult like hillbilly retards” please do some in depth research.

    I would like you to get in contact with me, but unlike Keisha, I will not befriend you. You have disgraced the juggalo name by spreading around these rumors, and disgraced your own names as well.

    Good day to you,
    Robert F. Pepple
    Ninja Bert

    • hey bro iv seen alot of ur posts here sry bout my speling im dislexic so if yall wanna hate me for that to go for it i do the best i can im a good man i pay my bills i go to work and im with u do reserch the nazis followed hitler without thinking to dont be like them but rob thank u and keisha for giving the juggalos more pride MCL ninja

      whoop whoop MCL J4L

  3. Thanks for backing me up LetteLove57 and Robert, People just need to listen to us not judge us. I am glad there are still good people out there somewhere, and as for the person who said the havent been around for 19 years, just to let you know that they were around before the turned into Insane Clown Posse, they used to be Inner City Posse. And if anyone listens to the lyrics to any of the songs youll find out a lot more about us. Yeah there may be a lot of cuss words in it but this is my fav part out of all the songs I have heard from them.

    This ain`t no fuckin fan club, It aint about making a buck!
    Don’t buy our fuckin action figures bitch, I dont give a fuck!!
    It aint About Violent J or Shaggy, the Butterfly or Seventeen.
    When we speak of Shangri-La, what you think we mean?
    Truth is we follow GOD!!!!
    We’ve always been behind Him!

    It doesnt mean that all of us beleive the same things but we all care about each other and take care of each other, and no we are not depenent on others but its nice to have a friend when you need one.

    I do not want you to be ignirant, brethren, concerning those who have fallen asleep, lest your sorrows as others who have no hope. 1 Thes. 4:13

    • u forgot “MAY THE JUGGALOS FIND HIM” yep sound like satan music to me lol man they rly need to grow up

      Whoop Whoop MCL J4L

  4. It’s a simple matter of personal perspective. They choice to see a hatchet the hands of a silhouette. I prefer to see it as a protest sign. If you look at the ORIGINAL drawing of the “hatchetman” the shape does look like a sign. You say it’s a meat cleaver and not a hatchet, well most meat cleavers have a hole in the back of the blade. I don’t see one in the drawing….

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