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Juggalo Murder Steven Spader: I haven’t been convicted

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Accused murderer Steven Spader wants people to stop presuming he is guilty while he awaits trial, he wrote in a rambling, four-page letter to The Telegraph from the Hillsborough County jail.

In the second letter the newspaper has received from Spader, he reveals a contempt for people in New Hampshire, calling them “brainless, media-driven conformists.”

He even criticized David Cates, the husband of Kimberly Cates, for his reaction to the Souhegan High School yearbook controversy.

“I feel David Cates had no right to make the big deal that he did, and the school shouldn’t have apologized,” Spader, 18, wrote about Souhegan High School’s decision to include the pictures of William Marks and Quinn Glover in the high school yearbook.

Spader, of Brookline, is one of five men charged in connection with the Oct. 4 murder of Kimberly Cates and the attempted murder of her 11-year-old daughter, Jaimie. The murder took place during a home invasion in Mont Vernon. Spader’s trial on charges of first-degree murder, attempted murder, burglary conspiracy and witness tampering is scheduled to begin Oct. 25, a little more than a year after the murder.

Prosecutors accused Spader, Marks, Glover and Christopher Gribble of breaking into the Cates home and brutally attacking Kimberly and Jaimie with knives and a machete. Gribble later described himself and Spader as “sociopaths” and told police the group had planned to kill whoever was at home at the time of the robbery.

A fifth man, Autumn Savoy, was charged with helping the four cover up the murder afterward. He and Glover have since entered guilty pleas and said they will testify against the other three men.

The Telegraph received the four-page, handwritten letter dated July 13 from Spader on Thursday, the same day, coincidentally, the paper published a story about a one-page letter Spader sent to the paper in March asking that his name be spelled correctly. Both letters were addressed from the Hillsborough County Department of Corrections in Manchester, where Spader has been incarcerated since his arrest in October.

In his second letter, Spader addressed five topics, including the people of New Hampshire, his ex-friends, his current friends, the media and the Souhegan yearbook controversy.

The letter is laced with self-pity, and in it, Spader says he broke his silence because “I have just had enough of everything going on within the media, and within the population of NH.”

He calls people “uninformed idiots” and says everyone, except for his closest friends, is “highly against me.”

“Everyone is bias [sic] because five 18-20 year old men, non-conforming to society, and viewed as ‘weirdos’ or ‘criminals’ or another name branded onto us because of our appearance or choice in music.”

The Telegraph published Spader’s first letter after state prosecutors sought samples of Spader’s writings from prison so they could have a handwriting expert analyze them. Attorney General Michael Delaney filed a motion at Hillsborough County Superior Court asking the Hillsborough County Department of Corrections in Manchester to turn over documents Spader has written.

Senior Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Strelzin, the head of the homicide unit, said Thursday that he could not elaborate on why prosecutors made the request, but said it had been granted. A call made Thursday to the office of Spader’s attorneys, Jonathan Cohen and Andrew Winters, was not returned.

In the first letter Spader sent in March, he asked that his first name be spelled correctly. He makes the same request in his most recent letter, which is filled with many misspellings.

Spader’s second letter touched on the media’s coverage of the murder, as well as the reaction of his friends and family to his arrest. Spader lashed out at those who have turned against him, despite having not yet been convicted.

“You know who I am, you called me brother, family, or friend, but now that the media makes it ‘unacceptable’ to speak of me, you changed up,” Spader wrote. “Ya’ll should be ashamed. Good-bye.”

Addressing those who have stuck by him, Spader used the phrase “MMFWCL,” which is a profane acronym associated with fans of the Insane Clown Posse, or Juggalo culture, that Spader and others involved with the crime were known to be involved in.

Spader accused the media of having swayed the opinion of the public through its coverage of the murder; “THINK FOR YOURSELVES PEOPLE YOU BRAINLESS, MEDIA-DRIVEN CONFORMISTS,” Spader wrote.

“As Americans I shouldn’t have to repeat this, but it seems like I must, because everyone seems to have forgotten the constitution. Everyone in this great country of ours is, and I quote, ‘Innocent Until Proven Guilty’ not the other way around,” Spader wrote.

He went on to write, “In conclusion I think the citizen [sic] of this state should take a new look at the situation and smarten up, because ya’ll are looking real stupid right now New Hampshire. As I said before wait, and think for yourself.”

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Juggalo Gang – Blaze Gang Rags

Blaze ya dead Homie has a new album called gang rags , he has placed a hidden message into the intro about the juggalos gang .
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Dj Clay – Juggalo Gang – Elephants in the room

DJ Clay – Juggalos are a gang

Here is DJ Clay proving juggalos are a gang with lyrics in detroit juggalos are a gang , in new york juggalos are a gang.
This is off the song the elephants in the room , which pretty much means that most people including juggalos are not informed enough to know that juggalos are a gang so he has to spell it out and show you the juggalo gang is the elephant in the room.