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Esham i Aint cha homey confirmed diss record

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It definantly a diss record. I was at the Gathering last year ICP only let him on the premises for 24 hours and they couldnt sell that album at their merch table. So they hustled them from their backpacks. ICP made it big by bitting his style, this isnt the first time Eshams dissed the clowns. Only the Godfather of wicked shit can get away with that shit. And may he fill his pockets forever on disses from juggalos.

How to Be a Juggalo – get stomach cancer


A Juggalo is part of the fan base of the Detroit rap group Insane Clown Posse, and related recording artists at Psychopathic Records. They follow the teaching of the Dark Carnival, which happens in six steps known as the Six Joker’s cards, in this order: The Carnival of Carnage, The Ringmaster, The Riddlebox, The Great Milenko, the Amazing Jeckel Brothers, and The Wraith. They each are an ICP album name, and each have a meaning. You wanna be down? Read on…

If you listen to ICP and you may get a weird feeling in your lower intestine, like a cancer you can’t explain (Juggalos can feel it inside when they talk about the Dark Carnival or the 6 joker’s cards)

once again these type of idiotic ideals is causing a mass exodus from juggalos and making the current fans more cult like.

Juggalo Holocaust at the Gathering nedenmaster16 and twiztidlillette22

Jh Members nedenmaster16 and twiztidlillette22   are ready for the gathering

Juggalo holocaust insider Nedenmaster12 will be attending the gathering of the Juggalos – GOTJ
MMFWJHL” – Nedenmaster16