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what states are juggalos a gang

what states are juggalos a gang







Pertoski MI

Detroit MI

and many many more

Please add any other states that juggalos have been outlawed as a gang.

Juggalos plan to throw urine on tila tequila – GOTJ2010

tila tequila has decided to go to this years 11th annual gathering of the juggalos / gotj 2010 .

Juggalos get upset shes going to be there.

Juggalo comments below , excessive filth from posts removed

Current plans by juggalos  “there are already plans of piss bottles being thrown at tila. Seeing that alone would be worth $150 bucks to me.”

1. I smell a lawsuit, I mean I support the paper bag over that ugly hoe’s face as you XXXX her and all, but you know that skankasaurus disease ridden bitch is gonna try to sue J’s ass for the first those several hundred glass bottles being chucked at her bulbous alien head. Oh and please start practicing your pissed filled waterballoon throwing now, we don’t want any poor family in the front row getting pelted with our love balloons as you try to hit Aids-R-Us”

“LMAO You know you have sunk low in your career when you go from VH1 to GOTJ at least in the mainstreams eyes. I hope she gets a tattoo and she’ll most likely try to cash in on the Juggalo world Welcome “TEQUILALOS” LOL Sounds like a bag of chips lol”

This is disgusting but what do you expect from low life juggalos

Typical Juggalettes/Ninjettes Drinking Faygo

Your typical juggalettes and their drink of choice. FAYGO