Mommy, What’s a Juggalo?

Our friends and colleagues at Denver Westword have published a super-handy timeline about one of music’s most inexplicable phenomena: the persistence of Juggalo culture.

You probably are at the very least vaguely aware that a Juggalo (fem., Juggalette) is a hardcore fan of Michigan shock-rap duo Insane Clown Posse. You may also be aware that these Juggalos occasionally gather in events where they discuss the mythology of the “Dark Carnival” and drink Faygo, a syrupy Detroit-based soda (note to self: google whether Michigan is a “soda,” “pop” or “coke” region). For a really funny test that helps you determine if you yourself might be a Juggalo, check out this Mongo Nation article.

Wanna know more? Denver Westword’s Thorin Klosowski compiled this timeline of all things Juggalo. Highlight (one of many): “2008 – Juggalo John Antonelli files a lawsuit against the group after being hit in the head by a 2 lt. bottle of Faygo”:

4 responses to “Mommy, What’s a Juggalo?

  1. Alright, REAL juggalos are against racists bigots ect. These arnt real juggalos, they like the music and give REAL juggalos a bad name. REAL juggalos are also against domestic violence, peophiles ect.

  2. Alright, REAL juggalos are a racist inbread family of flameing douchbags

  3. hey you forgot about syko sam in your time line

  4. @ ecstasy imma juggalo im half puerto rican, and most def not a racist, accept the truth or be an ignorant fuck

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