juggalos are anti-racist

Juggalos are anti racist? hmm...

What two things stand out in this picture?

(answer Juggalo logo on drums , Nazi flag on wall – racism is still alive a kicking with juggalos)

8 responses to “juggalos are anti-racist

  1. okay first i would like to say yes I’m a juggalette second you fucked up the time line and some of the things you said in the time line never happened. i would know i wrote a book on it and have been listening to them for 7 years now. as far as that tela taqila or what ever her name is just because she’s going to be at gotj that does not make her the queen of juggalos nor does it make her a juggalette. i would like to mention if juggalos are so uneducated then why is it that the juggalo’s websites look much better then yours and there is not a single spelling error on a wide majority of them unlike you’re web site? another thing the fugly chicks singing some retarded Faygo song that claim to be juggalettes even i admit that yes they are retarded but you guy’s really shouldn’t punish us all for stupid people like them and the music we listen to we’re not all bad people every thing on you’re website is basically like saying all Christian’s and Catholic’s go door to door punching baby’s in the face everyday which you know is not true. oh and i live in Michigan so i figured I’d let you know that we use the word pop for soda or soda-pop have a nice day

  2. nah see we as juggalos are not racist
    bigotry is one of the biggests forms of a slap in the face
    we call them juffahoes
    FUCK THEM fake bitches
    were down but not violent
    just proves that one little group of punks
    can ruin a lifestyle for millions
    just dont steriotype us because of what we listen to
    that doesn’t make us violent
    its the stupid fucks who act juvenille that make you think were a gang
    there is no part of orginization anywhere within the lotus pod
    so why dont you worry about the economy or the starving africans with aids LEAVE US THE FUCK ALONE!
    whoop whoop mmfwcl

  3. Ima Juggalo and first of all how do we know u didnt put that flag there and if u didnt then the person who ownes that shit isnt a juggalo cuz juggalos dont believe in racism and bigitry and the posers out there that are racist and claim there juggalos but start shit with the fam are just posers and they give real juggalos a bad name

  4. this made me laugh hysterically! DUDE! you CAN’T EVEN SEE THE WHOLE FLAG! and which nazi symbol might you be referring to? the lightning bolts of the SS or the perversion of the navajo symbol for wind? if anything it looks more like a flag for a country, not nazis. is this a satire website? like christwire? cuz that site is hilarious and so is this.

  5. this made me laugh hysterically! DUDE! are you serious? first off, just because a flag is red and black, does NOT mean it’s a nazi flag. and second, to which nazi symbol are you referring? the lightning bolts of the SS, or the perversion of the navajo symbol for wind? because i see neither of them. this flag looks more like a flag for a country than anything. i’m a native juggalette, and my boyfriend is a white juggalo. racist? i think not.

  6. Just cause some of them wanna be nazi bastards, that dont mean SHIT about the rest of us. You wanna talk about racism, look at yourself. People like you, is why we hold it down for the clown. MMFWCL, whoop whoop.

  7. yes thats a nazi flag. fuck icp. all just kiss wannabes anyway

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