Clown attack no joke – police – Juggalos ?

AN attempted armed robbery involving a man dressed as The Joker is no laughing matter for Fairfield police.

Detectives are investigating three young men wearing clown make-up one made up as The Joker from Batman and armed with chains who attempted to rob a woman outside Fairfield RSL Club.

About 12.10am on June 28, the 20-year-old woman was waiting outside the club on Anzac Ave for her boyfriend to pick her up when she was approached by the trio.

The three produced chains from their pockets and demanded the woman’s bag, but when her boyfriend arrived they ran off towards the train station empty-handed.

Police are investigating if the group is linked to the Juggalo movement, which has been classified as a gang in at least six states in the US.

Juggalos and Juggalettes are fans of hard-core hip-hop and rap groups such as Insane Clown Posse and others on the Psychopathic Records label.

The fans wear clown make-up and have been accused of committing violent acts in America.

Fairfield crime manager detective Insp Gary Bailey said police believed members of the public knew the identity of the “clowns’‘.

“We’re appealing for information from the public because we believe these persons, if continually allowed to commit criminal offences, could cause serious injuries to members of the public,’’ Insp Bailey said.

Strike Force Spurway was established in January to deal with robberies in Fairfield.

Detectives have obtained CCTV footage of the most recent attempted robbery, which can be viewed here on the Advance website.

“During 2010, on a number of occasions, police have seized quality CCTV footage from business premises, railway stations, buses and taxis,’’ Insp Bailey said.

“That has contributed to the arrest of a number of offenders for the serious offence of robbery and other offences.’’

One response to “Clown attack no joke – police – Juggalos ?

  1. Why do they always assume its JUGGALOS AND JUGGALETTES? They were probably Mexican Gangsters with stupid names like SLEEPY EYES…..SAD GIRL …..LADY JOKER And stuff like that

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