Juggalo gang committing robbery

Fairfield police are investigating three juggalos dressed in clown make-up and armed with chains who attempted to rob a woman.

once again showing ICP Fans committing crimes .

3 responses to “Juggalo gang committing robbery

  1. First of all u cant even see if there faces are painted and u dint see any attempted robbery and not everyone who wears clown paint is a juggalo

  2. Their faces weren’t painted. They just happen to be very pale. Like all ICP fans.

  3. Yeah this was pretty much neutral, I didnt see anything except 3 kids walking then running when they guy came up out of nowhere (JH??) cuz they seemed pretty scared of the 1 guy.

    If anything this made juggalos (if they even were) look like pussies, not crime commiters, there was 3 of them, and 1 guy running up out of nowhere, why the fuck would you run if your trying to rob someone, especially a lady (whom wasnt even IN the video)

    It seems like y’all are just pullin at straws here ::shakes head::

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