Ignorant Juggalo Racist

another ignorant juggalo tries to deny the racism and Nazism of juggalos

this made me laugh hysterically! DUDE! are you serious? first off, just because a flag is red and black, does NOT mean it’s a nazi flag. and second, to which nazi symbol are you referring? the lightning bolts of the SS, or the perversion of the navajo symbol for wind? because i see neither of them. this flag looks more like a flag for a country than anything. i’m a native juggalette, and my boyfriend is a white juggalo. racist? i think not.

once again juggalos dont seem to acknowledge the truth

One response to “Ignorant Juggalo Racist

  1. Yeah, this guy is a fucking dumbass.
    I am a juggalo, but the JH actually nailed this one!
    Hey, JH, you gays find this guy and beat the shit out of him, you’ll be doing us a favor.
    And to the “UNJF”, get the fuck out of my family, we have a bad enough name as it is without meth heads like YOU making it worse.

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