Ninjette/Juggalette defends here parenting

What a great mother twizted lette is ….. MOTHER OF THE YEAR

“ay yo bitch really??? i got fuckin kidz there aint shit you can say bout that shit cuz i have very honestly met some dumb asses that cant even fuckin take care of cats. i am a fuckin juggalette and i say that shit loud and fuckin proud if you wanna fuckin step to me and my family e-mail me and ill give you my address bitch come try and fuck with me i fuckin dare you bitch like it doesnt even make any fuckin sense to say that juggalettes and juggalos are fuckin ignorant or unfit to take care of a fuckin kid or fuckin dog like seriously????? i have met people that arent juggalos or lettes and they got their kids and shit taken from them for neglect and abuse so you and your fuckin ignorant close minded bitch ass needs to shut the fuck up you dont know shit you really fuckin dont and im going to be fuckin honest here the only reason you said some shit like that was probably because you got your fuckin kids taken away because your bitch ass was to busy fuckin worryin bout the next fuckin gram of fuckin meth while your fuckin kids were probably sitting at home and if you dont have any fuckin kids your probably like 12 and dont even fuckin know shit so why dont you grow up mature hit puberty then fuckin at least say shit that fuckin makes sense at least in the mediocre sense on some real shit you sound just flat the fuck out ignorant dude like really?? if your gonna try and dis people for just flat out bein themselves at least sound like you had 1.0 GPA in high school your ifnorance honestly astounds me grow up and get off it it you dont it i got 4 fuckin words for you FUCK THE FUCK OFF and news flash bitch the world doesnt revolve around you and your frendz opinions dont mean shit and im going to speak for all the juggalo family when i say this BRING IT BITCH YOU CANT FUCK WITH US AND WIKKID KLOWNS NEVER FUCKIN DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


6 responses to “Ninjette/Juggalette defends here parenting

  1. I gotta hit this one up too.
    I work in a prison, and I gotta put up with moron inmates calling me everything but a good person, that said, I think this juggaho put them to shame.
    I can’t help but rip at her.
    So lets get started.

    “ay yo bitch really??? Say what?

    i got fuckin kidz there aint shit you can say bout that shit cuz i have very honestly met some dumb asses that cant even fuckin take care of cats.

    I think you are one of them, 5 curse words in one poorly punctuated sentance.

    i am a fuckin juggalette and i say that shit loud and fuckin proud if you wanna fuckin step to me and my family e-mail me and ill give you my address bitch come try and fuck with me i fuckin dare you bitch like it doesnt even make any fuckin sense to say that juggalettes and juggalos are fuckin ignorant or unfit to take care of a fuckin kid or fuckin dog like seriously?????

    Well, at least the punctuation was in the right place…at the very end. 12 curse words in a run-on paragraph.

    I’ll skip the random insults (there were plenty) and move to something funny.

    WIKKID KLOWNS NEVER FUCKIN DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Ummm, Wicked only has ONE “k” in it. And ICP has never spelled it “klowns”.

    And you juggalos wonder why we look bad, it isn’t the face paint, or our music, it is ignorant fucks like the juggalette above.

    Sorry, fam, but learn to use some punctuation, and tone down on the cursing so that people can take as a mother and not a pissed off meth head!

  2. Okay, 1st off, I couldn’t even finish reading that post by the.. uum.. female ICP fan there… Seriously, lifestyle has absolutely nothing to do with raising a child as long so you’re not acting like some white-trash retard in front of him or her, and you’re taking care of them like any parent should. If you’re a “juggalo” or “juggalette” or what ever the fuck you decide to call yourself, seriously, who the hell gives a fuck, good for you, have fin with it, and be yourself or whatever, that’s all you sweetheart, but honestly, if you want anyone to be able to take you seriously, and you have a problem with ridicule from random people, especally online, reading what you just wrote, well here are a few tips;

    Ustenosonet’s tips for not sounding like a white-trash retard:

    Tip_001: “Spell-check”. There’s nothing easier then spell-checking your comments and blog posts, I mean really, I’m imagining your little post when you wrote it, like right now, and I guarantee that there were like a maximum of maybe 7 words all together that weren’t underlined in a little riggly red line…

    Tip_002: “Grammar”. When trying to convince the online community that you’re not a white-trash, retard who’s incapable of caring for a child; for your own sake at least, use proper grammar, I mean I speak like a sailor with tourette’s-syndrome, but when I’m typing, I’m more then capable of right clicking words to assure the correct spelling, and re-reading my articles to make sure then make sense, and to make sure I don’t sound like a cockfight took place on my keyboard, and was somehow able to post the results as a blog entry.

    Tip_003: “Seriously?” You’re defending yourself from two major things here in this article correct? One; Your lifestyle. And Two; your competence as a fit parent. Okay, how can ANYONE take you seriously, when you’re babbling on about how you’re this “non-white-trash” great parent, and all in the same breath you start on some goofy shit about how you’d like to see anyone take you on, and then you openly invite people to email you, so that you can give them your address, to come and fight you? With a child. While defending your merit as a “fit and capable parent”. You’re posting an open invitation to pissed off strangers that hate you, to come to your home (where your child is) and fight you? Does that sound like a good parent? Yeah, you’re a couple fries short of a happy meal you simple child… And if anything you said is even remotely true, about all of the stunts, and violence that you’re willing to promote around yourself, and your family to defend your little lifestyle choice to act like a stupid-ass teenager, while raising a child in that environment, and all the while, you’re posting redundant ass crap like this online, making you and your family sound like a bunch of violent, ill informed trash, and putting your child’s life in danger the entire time, but of course, none of this has anything to do with you being a “juggalette” anymore now does it. Hell no. It has to do with the simple fact that you’re ether some dumb-ass teenager, posting stupid shit like this online, or you really are a fucking idiot (without a child, I PREY) that doesn’t deserve any respect what so ever, and who really needs a fucking doctor, and a social worker, to tag team your ignorant ass, hopefully straight into ether jail, or some other institution where you won’t be able to do harm to ANY children, cats, dogs, plants, or even the online community… You are a disease, and a disgrace. And you’re literally the fucking icon for the reason everyone thinks that any person that listens to ICP, anyone who loves all of the shit we love, are all trash like you. Well we’re not, and you’re sure as hell not helping the stereotype… When some random ‘touched in the head bitch’ like you has access to a computer, and somehow, with the Marlboro in one hand, and the baby in the other, actually manages to post something like this, it does a hell of a lot more damage to the people around you, then it will ever do to you. Anyone with an IQ equal to or higher then whatever a mayonnaise jar clocks in at, who reads more then two lines of the garbage you wrote would instantly write you off as ignorant, selfish trash. But when you go around acting as if anyone else supports you, or your retarded outlook on any of this, that’s when people start labeling all juggalos and juggalettes as a bunch of simple-minded crack-heads like you. Well, I’m here to say what can be said about any race, gender, religion, or even something like this; and that is; “There will always be one among us, who makes the entire fallowing look like they do, one swore thumb like her, that makes everyone label all of us as what she is. No one is going to respect someone like you. If they did, they’d be disrespecting themselves by doing so. And for the simple minded; take this analogy; “there’s a bowl, it’s filled with assorted nuts, and one of those nuts is a small piece of shit, now then, regardless of how may nuts there are in the bowl, or how many may be added, the bowl will forever be known as the bowl of shitty nuts… All it takes is one piece of shit, and the entire bowl is labeled forever…”
    We may be nuts, but you my dear are a piece of shit.

    God Bless, and seriously I really hope that you do not have a child, and if you do, I prey that you’re not the piece of shit you make yourself out to be in this post…

    I’m just a realist, trying to allow the world see the difference; Remember, Ignorance breeds hatred. And also remember this type of ignorance, generally breeds with it’s cousins and siblings and shit, so it’s really not to be trifled with, I mean hell, you never know what dumb and dumber are gonna procreate, it could be Santa Claus, or it could be a small purple version of Hitler, so be careful with that…

    [AllTheBest] -Ustenosonet

  3. She defends here parenting huh? /fail

    But yeah, this one is a cook, along with many others, like the ones who bring youngin’s to the GOTGay and have them hold signs that say “blunts for sale”. I do regret not punching those kids parents.

  4. hell yea keep fighting 4 it homie im a lette momma to and im proud of how im raising my baby fuck all u hating ass bitches u dnt fuckin no shyt or undastand so fuck off i bet if u was around the fam. u wouldnt say shyt cause u pussy ass bitches thats y u have to say it on this sht so fuck off b4 u get wat u deserve bitchezzzzzzzzzzzzz MMFWCL LOVE YA FAM.

  5. Hell yea Speak the truth!!!!

  6. I’m a Redneck and a Juggalo yes a little bit weird. I was accepted into the family 5 years ago. I dont judge and I dont hate. Yes I fly the Confederate flag but thats what I was grown up to fly. I lost my arm working on the farm when I was nine had no friends 4 years later I met up with a child hood friend that was a Juggalo, after a year the family accepted me into the family because according to them I am the perfect Juggalo. I dont have any enemys, I dont have a problume with a persons looks, I just dont care. I lost my brother to violence. My brother wasnt in no gang and what not. He was barely an hour old. My father abused my mother and us so my father killed my owm brother who was his son. If you can see what my point is. We are all family whether we call are selfs Juggalos or not. Not one persons the same just like no snow flakes is the same. Everyone has thier own opinion which is fine but dont put down another person or group because your views or likes are differnt from their own. Yes soome people in the world finds ICP’s lyrics offensive. I say dont. You have to be able to feel and understand what they are saying. Like the song Miricales, Its about how its a miricale how mother nature works and how we as humans cannot control life and mother nature. Yes we can attempt to save a life but it doesnt mean that person will come back. We can controle where to plant a seed but not when it will grow. What I’m saying is that the lyrics to most of ICP’s songs have a good meaning to them. A wicked person obey’s and destroy’s other’s from his or her fear. A good hearted man or woman respects others from love and understanding. “Ethan”.

    Juggalo commandment #9 Thou shalt not pass judgement on another lest it is passed to you first.

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