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High IQ Juggalo Needs Spelling and Grammar Lessons

Sometimes they ask for it , heres ninja berts rant

You guys are fucking sick. You would actually use a picture or a deceased child, in a video expressing your hate of Juggalos? How much more of a monster can you become. You are worst than the evilest demons in Winterland (Hell for those who practice Wicca , as I do). How low can you go, and no I’m not talking about a game of limbo. You have really reached the lowest point a human being can reach.

Do the world a favor and go buy yourself a .22 and bite it. This world will be better off with out all the hate that you people spread.

You try to say that Juggalos are all racist and shouldn’t be aloud to have children, but in my book you people shouldn’t be aloud to procreate. You say we are racist when you the ones teaching your children that it’s okay to hate some one, not only for their social beliefs but also their financial status. You are the true racist in all of this. You ever call yourself a Holocaust, which by the way Hitler (the biggest racist to ever live, if you wanna call what he did living) started in the first place.

As I said before do us all a favor and bite a fucking bullet. You are a disgrace to all of man kind. It is not okay for anyone to hate for any reason. If one person does wrong then that’s it, no more must be done. One person has already proved they are lower than the other, in this case you have.

You are disgusting.

Oh and you also say that we are all illiterate, go through this comment, you won’t find a single typo or misspelled word. Why, you might ask? For the simple fact that you are wrong, wrong about everything you say, and wrong in your self justified hate.

Fuck you and good day,
The Juggalo with a 211 I.Q.
Robert F. Pepple

P.S.- Yes I have been retested for my I.Q.
It may have only gone up 15 points from being in the 4th grade, but it is still well above genius, and well above yours. If you can’t figure out what it was in the fourth grade from this post then it only proves that you have no idea what you are talking about.



// (-loud)


1. With use of the voice; orally: Read this passage aloud.
2. In a loud tone; loudly: crying aloud for help.
adv & adj (postpositive)

1. in a normal voice; not in a whisper
2. in a spoken voice; not silently
3. Archaic in a loud voice
al·low // <![CDATA[// (-lou)

v. al·lowed, al·low·ing, al·lows

1. To let do or happen; permit: We allow smoking only in restricted areas.
2. To permit the presence of: No pets are allowed inside.
3. To permit to have: allow oneself a little treat.
4. To make provision for; assign: The schedule allows time for a coffee break.
5. To plan for in case of need: allow two inches in the fabric for shrinkage.
6. To grant as a discount or in exchange: allowed me 20 dollars on my old typewriter.
7. Chiefly Southern & Midland U.S.

a. To admit; concede: I allowed he was right.
b. To think; suppose: “We allow he’s straight” (American Speech).
c. To assert; declare: Mother allowed that we’d better come in for dinner.

1. To offer a possibility; admit: The poem allows of several interpretations.
2. To take a possibility into account; make allowance: In calculating profit, retailers must allow for breakage and spoilage.
Ninja Bert you dont have a high iq you have alot of time and a spell checker , time for some english 101.

Juggalo Holocaust Bans ICP Shirts In School

Grand Junction, Colo (KKCO)-“You know I think the most important thing is that students need to dress comfortable, they need to be ready to learn,” says Christy McGee with School District 51.
McGee says, “It may be slotted as a back to school fashion item but it may not actually fit the guidelines in the parent student handbook.” She says the dress code is mostly common sense, but there are a few things to watch for. “No gang paraphernalia, no drug paraphernalia,” says McGee. That also includes clothes with alcohol or tobacco adds on them. And like McGee said before, just because you see it on the mannequin doesn’t mean it’ll work in class. “No hats in school is another common one,” she says. Insane clown posse t–shirts are also not allowed in school, either are spaghetti strapped tank tops or tube tops. One thing that is ‘in’ right now are the prices.

“Parents should really be looking for those sales and promotions to help save a little bit of money because they’re everywhere right now,” says Jammie McCloud with the Mesa Mall. McCloud says many stores are getting ready for cold weather, something Grand Junction doesn’t usually see till late in the season. “Right now stores are starting to clearance out there summer merchandise and a lot of these items are great for back to school,” says, McCloud.

Clothe shopping is also just like grocery shopping, don’t forget the coupons. McCloud says the mall offers special deals at that can be picked up at Guest Services. “We have all kinds of deals and coupons in our savings guide that parents can take advantage of,” she says.

Another good tip to keep those new duds from wandering off is to write you information on the inside of them. “So make sure names are in the jackets so that they don’t get tossed in the lost and found because we always have a bunch of lost and found jackets at the end of the semester,” says McGee.

When in doubt err on the side of caution, it’ll keep your kids looking like scholars all year long.

Shout outs to all JH members working behind the scenes to help end this plauge of Juggalos

Violent street clowns hit Sydney – Meet the Juggalos and Juggalettes

A NOTORIOUS American youth gang known for its violent street crime and penchant for wearing clown make-up as a disguise has hit Sydney.

Police are investigating a possible connection between an attempted robbery in Fairfield and the gang known as “Juggalos” – or Juggalettes, for female members – made famous by criminal activities in the US.

The gang is also believed to be trying to recruit more members, with the group holding what is believed to be its first national “gathering” in Victoria next month. The gang already runs a number of online blogs and chat sites for members and those aspiring to join.

Three men wearing the Juggalos’ trademark clown make-up attempted to rob a woman outside Fairfield RSL Club and were captured on CCTV footage wearing their “disguise”.

About 12.10am on June 28, a 20-year-old woman was waiting outside the club for her boyfriend to pick her up when she was approached by the youths.

The men pulled chains from their pockets and demanded the woman’s bag but when her boyfriend arrived they ran off towards the train station empty-handed.

Fairfield crime manager detective Inspector Gary Bailey confirmed police were investigating

“We’re keeping an open mind, there are a number of lines of inquiry and that [the Juggalos] is one,” he said.

Juggalos and Juggalettes – who have been classified as a gang in at least six states of America – are fans of hard-core hip-hop and rap groups such as Insane Clown Posse.

Insp Bailey said while masks, including clown masks, had been used by criminals in the past as disguises during a crime, this was the first time he was aware of a group of men walking around the city wearing clown make-up looking for potential targets.

“The make-up makes it a fairly unique thing for us,” he said.

Insp Bailey said the use of chains as a weapon was also “disturbing”.

The woman was not hurt in the attack although she was “obviously shocked”, Insp Bailey said. He said police believed members of the public knew the identity of the “clowns”.

“We’re appealing for information from the public because we believe these persons, if continually allowed to commit criminal offences, could cause serious injuries to members of the public” Insp Bailey said

Juggalo holocaust at the gathering TwiztidLilLette22 and Nedenmaster

Mr. and Mrs Nedenmaster Discuss The Gathering and Other Shit…..


Juggalo America – The Movie

Trailer for the world’s first full-length film documenting the horrors of Juggalos

I want to buy the dvd as soon as it comes out ! lmao

Juggalos Should not be allowed to raise children

Someone get child services over there now as these juggalos need some serious help

As said thousands of times CHILDREN SHOULD NOT LISTEN TO ICP

when will juggalo scum learn

The only solution for these juggalos parents castration or sterilization

Juggalos threaten Tila Tequila on her own blog #GOTJ

Juggalos threaten Tila Tequila on her own blog


Rage “I’m waiting around for a blogger to post about the juggalos throwing pee-filled balloons at this bitch.”


jdubb “im throwing rotten hot dogs at you that are gonna be sitting in a warm cooler filled with hot water out in the sun untill that friday… they have also been in my fridge for over a year…. i fucking hate you and i will teach you not to come back to the gathering”

Deadgirlrez “with the juggalo army so watch the fuck out u lil pissy sluty preppy faggoty hot topic homos and wana bee’s bc pajamas will b on the loos hahahahahahah WHOOP WHOOP”

Freekshow tha Juggla”Please spare the Juggalos and stay home….you can’t even spell ICP’s name correctly..you don’t belong there.”

What about your juggalo family now , Tila Tequila is a juggalette and now you attack your own family …



Visit http://planet-lotb.com To offer your prayers and well wishes to tila tequila after her attack by juggalos

Juggalette Warns Tila Tequila about the gathering of the juggalos

Visit http://planet-lotb.com To offer your prayers and well wishes to tila tequila after her attack by juggalos


I really hope you dont get hurt. The ying yang twins went a few years back an got smashed in the face with everything from cups to coolers. They only did 3 songs b4 they left.
Has anyone told you what happens to mainstream or pop music artist when they encounter Juggalos? Be careful.