High IQ Juggalo Needs Spelling and Grammar Lessons

Sometimes they ask for it , heres ninja berts rant

You guys are fucking sick. You would actually use a picture or a deceased child, in a video expressing your hate of Juggalos? How much more of a monster can you become. You are worst than the evilest demons in Winterland (Hell for those who practice Wicca , as I do). How low can you go, and no I’m not talking about a game of limbo. You have really reached the lowest point a human being can reach.

Do the world a favor and go buy yourself a .22 and bite it. This world will be better off with out all the hate that you people spread.

You try to say that Juggalos are all racist and shouldn’t be aloud to have children, but in my book you people shouldn’t be aloud to procreate. You say we are racist when you the ones teaching your children that it’s okay to hate some one, not only for their social beliefs but also their financial status. You are the true racist in all of this. You ever call yourself a Holocaust, which by the way Hitler (the biggest racist to ever live, if you wanna call what he did living) started in the first place.

As I said before do us all a favor and bite a fucking bullet. You are a disgrace to all of man kind. It is not okay for anyone to hate for any reason. If one person does wrong then that’s it, no more must be done. One person has already proved they are lower than the other, in this case you have.

You are disgusting.

Oh and you also say that we are all illiterate, go through this comment, you won’t find a single typo or misspelled word. Why, you might ask? For the simple fact that you are wrong, wrong about everything you say, and wrong in your self justified hate.

Fuck you and good day,
The Juggalo with a 211 I.Q.
Robert F. Pepple

P.S.- Yes I have been retested for my I.Q.
It may have only gone up 15 points from being in the 4th grade, but it is still well above genius, and well above yours. If you can’t figure out what it was in the fourth grade from this post then it only proves that you have no idea what you are talking about.



// (-loud)


1. With use of the voice; orally: Read this passage aloud.
2. In a loud tone; loudly: crying aloud for help.
adv & adj (postpositive)

1. in a normal voice; not in a whisper
2. in a spoken voice; not silently
3. Archaic in a loud voice
al·low // <![CDATA[// (-lou)

v. al·lowed, al·low·ing, al·lows

1. To let do or happen; permit: We allow smoking only in restricted areas.
2. To permit the presence of: No pets are allowed inside.
3. To permit to have: allow oneself a little treat.
4. To make provision for; assign: The schedule allows time for a coffee break.
5. To plan for in case of need: allow two inches in the fabric for shrinkage.
6. To grant as a discount or in exchange: allowed me 20 dollars on my old typewriter.
7. Chiefly Southern & Midland U.S.

a. To admit; concede: I allowed he was right.
b. To think; suppose: “We allow he’s straight” (American Speech).
c. To assert; declare: Mother allowed that we’d better come in for dinner.

1. To offer a possibility; admit: The poem allows of several interpretations.
2. To take a possibility into account; make allowance: In calculating profit, retailers must allow for breakage and spoilage.
Ninja Bert you dont have a high iq you have alot of time and a spell checker , time for some english 101.

13 responses to “High IQ Juggalo Needs Spelling and Grammar Lessons

  1. How about this bitch I will say this all in one sentence, I am a genius in mathematics, science, and engineering, Do you really think I give a shit about grammar, Fuck you until you can disprove it shut the fuck up, oh shit that’s right you would never be able to say shit again, cause you would find out that I AM A GENIUS, and 2 states have it on record, so fuck you i don’t need to prove myself to you!

    Tell me that not correct grammar wise, I don’t give a fuck!

  2. Hahaha if you don’t has to prove yourself to anyone then why are you constantly repeating that you’re a genius?

    Also, genius, the woman who holds the record for the highest IQ scored a 186…so…uh…I’m guessing you need to call Guiness and get that worked out.

  3. Have not has…stupid iPhone predictive texting

  4. Really now… You should have done more research… Cause look what I found dip shit…

    People Still Alive

    * Physicist / Engineer Kim Ung-yong has a verified IQ of 210
    * Bouncer Christopher Michael Langan has a verified IQ of 195
    * Engineer Philip Emeagwali is alleged to have an IQ of 190
    * World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov is alleged to have an IQ of 190
    * Author Marilyn Vos Savant has a verified IQ of 186

  5. Oh come on, it’s been 11 days now, and you have nothing to say. Finally found out that you don’t know everything?

  6. Huh Aaron… Huh Huh Huh..?

  7. That’s what I thought….

  8. Whoops I posted on the wrong post about it I guess… you missed one =) EVILEST? Hah. You say you don’t give a shit about grammer but you go on to say checkk this for grammer wahh wahh wahh calling a female a bitch is trashy but then again so is being a juggalo …. STAY THE EEEVVVIILLEEEST !!!

  9. Also… yes ok you are a recorded genius but do you actually have a job… and btw I found ur pic on fb just to see if perhaps there is a normal looking juggalo… mmm nope…. well genius I’m a genius hair stylist would u like me to say it every other post because I can and I can maybe help you out because wwweeeeww u you like sideshow bob

  10. Your pretty funny there kaitlin… ^_^

  11. Oh yeah, and this is bordering on stalking and harassment. Push this any further and it will be taking it to court. I am an up holding citizen, so I would have no problem being in a court room.

    Have a wonderful day!

  12. Oh and since you wanna try and pull up dictionary quote to make me look “trashy”… Here is a little education for you. Evilest is a word, and it is used in the correct context.

    e·vil (vl)
    adj. e·vil·er, e·vil·est
    1. Morally bad or wrong; wicked: an evil tyrant.
    2. Causing ruin, injury, or pain; harmful: the evil effects of a poor diet.
    3. Characterized by or indicating future misfortune; ominous: evil omens.
    4. Bad or blameworthy by report; infamous: an evil reputation.
    5. Characterized by anger or spite; malicious: an evil temper.
    1. The quality of being morally bad or wrong; wickedness.
    2. That which causes harm, misfortune, or destruction: a leader’s power to do both good and evil.
    3. An evil force, power, or personification.
    4. Something that is a cause or source of suffering, injury, or destruction: the social evils of poverty and injustice.
    adv. Archaic
    In an evil manner.

  13. One of these days it’s all going to break over and people are gonna die and I’m glad ill be the one to send you to your graves

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