Juggalo America – The Movie

Trailer for the world’s first full-length film documenting the horrors of Juggalos

I want to buy the dvd as soon as it comes out ! lmao

4 responses to “Juggalo America – The Movie

  1. You guys are fucking sick. You would actually use a picture or a deceased child, in a video expressing your hate of Juggalos? How much more of a monster can you become. You are worst than the evilest demons in Winterland (Hell for those who practice Wicca , as I do). How low can you go, and no I’m not talking about a game of limbo. You have really reached the lowest point a human being can reach.

    Do the world a favor and go buy yourself a .22 and bite it. This world will be better off with out all the hate that you people spread.

    You try to say that Juggalos are all racist and shouldn’t be aloud to have children, but in my book you people shouldn’t be aloud to procreate. You say we are racist when you the ones teaching your children that it’s okay to hate some one, not only for their social beliefs but also their financial status. You are the true racist in all of this. You ever call yourself a Holocaust, which by the way Hitler (the biggest racist to ever live, if you wanna call what he did living) started in the first place.

    As I said before do us all a favor and bite a fucking bullet. You are a disgrace to all of man kind. It is not okay for anyone to hate for any reason. If one person does wrong then that’s it, no more must be done. One person has already proved they are lower than the other, in this case you have.

    You are disgusting.

    Oh and you also say that we are all illiterate, go through this comment, you won’t find a single typo or misspelled word. Why, you might ask? For the simple fact that you are wrong, wrong about everything you say, and wrong in your self justified hate.

    Fuck you and good day,
    The Juggalo with a 211 I.Q.
    Robert F. Pepple

    P.S.- Yes I have been retested for my I.Q.
    It may have only gone up 15 points from being in the 4th grade, but it is still well above genius, and well above yours. If you can’t figure out what it was in the fourth grade from this post then it only proves that you have no idea what you are talking about.

  2. Pretty classy telling someone to commit suicide. Did it take you a long time to look up all those words? You don’t find it a disgrace to attack a woman as a group because she’s not part of the “fam”. Or throw a full beer can at method man when you guys are lucky he even showed his face at that trash fest. Hm. Hating a juggalo is not being a racist… considering when applying for a job the ethnicity selection is not african american native american juggalo. Wow your iq is high… I’m not too impressed… that does not mean very much because you are still a negative person wasting life hating the world. Stay negative 😉

  3. Oh and by the way… you are ignorant… THEY did not post the picture of the child… I’m sure it was the parents posting them on the internet…. what do you think the people who made that trailor went to the funeral for a good photo op… come on. If you listen to the childs mother talk to the icp radio about what was supposed to be their childs death turned into a plea for free merch and complaints about not getting tickeets right or her free merch when they said they’d send it. Of course every other word was “fuck”. Is it right to have hatchet men holding guns on a childs casket?


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