Juggalos threaten Tila Tequila on her own blog #GOTJ

Juggalos threaten Tila Tequila on her own blog


Rage “I’m waiting around for a blogger to post about the juggalos throwing pee-filled balloons at this bitch.”


jdubb “im throwing rotten hot dogs at you that are gonna be sitting in a warm cooler filled with hot water out in the sun untill that friday… they have also been in my fridge for over a year…. i fucking hate you and i will teach you not to come back to the gathering”

Deadgirlrez “with the juggalo army so watch the fuck out u lil pissy sluty preppy faggoty hot topic homos and wana bee’s bc pajamas will b on the loos hahahahahahah WHOOP WHOOP”

Freekshow tha Juggla”Please spare the Juggalos and stay home….you can’t even spell ICP’s name correctly..you don’t belong there.”

What about your juggalo family now , Tila Tequila is a juggalette and now you attack your own family …



Visit http://planet-lotb.com To offer your prayers and well wishes to tila tequila after her attack by juggalos

17 responses to “Juggalos threaten Tila Tequila on her own blog #GOTJ

  1. Her set = Epic Fail on both parties, Booking and Bookee

    Cant wait to see what happens, and JH, shame on you.

  2. Tila Tequila isn’t a Jugalette.

  3. “Tila Tequila is a juggalette and now you attack your own family …”

    this bitch has never been a juggalette so its not hypocritical at all. now she’s squeezing the blood down her face from her “injuries” and posing for a TMZ photo op 🙂
    if your all for parents knowing the truth about juggalos,also teach them about std ridden bitches who pretend to be part of a family only when there’s $$ involved.

  4. Krusty’s Komedy Kavalcade

    • No what is hypocritical is all these juggalo sheeple talking about love and acceptance and then act literally like wild apes.
      They talk all sorts of shit about being misunderstood, but they really aren’t. You can throw urine at someone just for doing their job to try and entertain you, and then claim the misunderstood freak role.

      You ARE understood just fine. You’re fucking assholes.

      I don’t like Tila. But the difference between humans and enraged chimps is that we can choose to express this displeasure without our own bodily waste. Juggalos failed this one simple aspect of evolution.

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  12. ok for one we arent bad there are people out there trying to make lettes and los look bad deal with them and we are not a gang we are far from it we are a family we have done nothing wrong so stop trying to bash us as some fuckin crazy ass people let us have our peace and leave us the hell alone we did nothin its dum fucks just giving us all a bad name and rep so back off we did nothing to be put through this crap we are trying to live our lifes like everyone else

  13. Ok tila tequilla sucks but SHE is a tiny FEMALE… any group of people who make plans on throwing things at a female especially bottles are disgusting. Sit there and say youre a good person and as a group good people and that just judge you because you’re “different”…. ha I judge because there are thousands of stories of terrible things happening at the gathering of tha cult. Your “familys” negative approach is such a waste of the gift of life. You guys pick on “mainstream music” and even poke fun at hot topic… pretty hippocratical considering I walk by a hot topic and there is 25 icp shirts in the window… seems pretty main stream to me… I listen to music that is not mainstream in any sorts but do not bash people for their “main stream” musical selection or try to injur them. Every jugalo I have ever seen has been white trash and everything done by this cult is TRASH.

    • ok…FUCK ALL YOU HATRS..if you realy knew what the fuck you were even talking about and did your resurch you would know that J and shggz of ICP are christian..in multipul songs they mention this but all you ignorent assholes out there only hear the bad..they put the good hiden behind the bad to weed out the narrowminded people..they dont talk about killing normal people they talk about killin biggets, tweakers, rapists,corupt police,rasists and crooked preachers(molesters)..and for the christian part look up these songs(the unveiling, miricals and fly away)or get the book (behind the paint)they talk about why they rap about what they do.in one chapter called “the butterfly” J and his brother jumpstedy saw a catpilar turn in to a butterfly when they were kids..they put it in a jar because it was so amazing but when they woke up it was dead..because that butterfly was an innocent soul and had tought j and jumpstedy something about the meening of life they vowed to earn there way to heavan to appologize to the soul of that butterfly and thank it for the valubal lesson it tought them(do on to otheres as you want done to you)how would you like it if you got stuck in a fuckin jar to die?we balive that our souls are no more important than anyothere living beings in the univers we are all equall noone is better than noone(this includes animals) we all are hear for a reson and should worktogether to make this world a better place..so i askthis why judge a whole group of people for a coupl bad seeds? thats like judging all the blacks for one gang member..so really if you look at it in praspectiv all you “juggaloholocaust people” are no better than the confedrates,kkk or even nazies your a group trying to exterminate and exploit anothere for your own ignorent balifes or so called justified resons..juggalos dont go around dissin people unless they dis us..but all you guys gotta stur up shit and make it a fuckin “holocaust”. a J.H member walking down the street that gets his ass beat by juggalos is no diffrent than a juggalo walking down the street that gets his ass beat by J.H so really by J.H hateing juggalos they are only doing what they are trying to stop there for they are hipocrits..i dont have a problem with anyone person unless they come up to me and start one..WHY JUDGE AND WHY THE FUCK CANT WE GET ALONG? if any juggalos read this or even a holocaust member that wants to show there ignorents and dis or maybe talk like human beings hit me up on myspace.www.myspace.com/do_have_a_fuckin_problem or my e-mail paintballcrazy3@msn.com..I WANT FEED BACK!!!!!

  14. any fam that know ninjaletta in durango colorado becareful that hoe is fake as it can come she will lie to ya and steall from you

  15. You never see all this beef and shit with metal wtf people its just fucking music get over it for fucks sake its pretty bad when people get this worked up over music! I cant stand icp anymore I love metal and REAL hip hop/rap eminem a true lyrical genius ICE CUBE a straight gangsta and legend Dre its DRE what needs to be said so everyone stfu FUCK PSY RECORDS FUCK ALL THE BEEF MUSIC IS MUSIC ITS STUPID CRAP LIKE THIS THAT MAKE PEOPLE AHTE JUGGALOS AND SHIT

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