Song should be renamed bad bad (juggal0) parents.

A New low by the insane clown posse now they have a 5 year old signing violent lyrics .

Fucking parents…how do they work?

In all seriousness, Violent J should not have let his kid do this. Let’s be honest: whether you are a Juggalo/Juggalette or not, you know this kid is going to get a lot of hate. He got it on the internet, and he’s probably going to get it personally. He’s now a huge joke, largely due to his parents’ decision.

7 responses to “Violent JJ – Bad Bad Man – BAD PARENTING HOW DOES THAT WORK

  1. Although I no longer consider myself a juggalo, I still do love Twiztid and Blaze and their music… mostly. Even some ICP. But this was absolutely ridiculous.

    If Violent J felt this was necessary for some unholy reason (which it wasn’t), he could have made this video some sort of DVD exclusive for the fans. But no, Violent J, is in his infinite wisdom, wants to plaster his five year old son’s face on the internet. WTF!

    Not only is the kid gonna get made fun of… well, Psychopathic better hire Chris Hansen. Just sayin’.

  2. Ok I see nothing rong with this they’re just haven a bit of fun and if u be hatin for well tht’s ur rite but still all it is is harmless fun

  3. it may not have been the best idea but that doesnt make violent j a bad father it just means he fucked up and the kids only five his parents can stop him from hearing the internet hate anyway and just so you know i think that this makes a true statement that juggalos are a family when theres a five year old rolling with us

  4. Juggalette Jess

    hey just jealous that he is greater then all of you! leave him alone he is a kid! he is AMAZING!!!! this is the future whether you hate it, it is SO GET USED TO IT! MUTHAFUCKAS!!!
    ~DOWN 4 LIFE~

  5. larry nickerson

    Yall are just jealous that your kids aren’t as talented, If you look at the life of violent j and jj they have a great father son bond, Violent jj loves to go out on stage with his dad and interact with us juggalos and lettes. Do i think this was a bad decision NO not at all i think all of you Anti-Juggalos are just trying to find any little fucking thing you can hate on us for and that shit irritates the piss out of me. and if you listen to the song, its pretty good, and by a 5-year old at that, i think all you haters need to just give up and go crawl in a hole because we ain’t never gunna die muth’a fuck’as

  6. This video is amazing they r just having some fun that’s all me and my boyfriend so to be husband have been juggalo a for 9 years and love icp twiztid blaze etc this was just some fun and people new to get over it that’s all WHOOP WHOOP

  7. Sooooo these JH bigots….can we start killing them off like they did with us? Can I get my hands on these fuckers and make them watch their illusions before they burn? Theyre hating on a fucking five year old, and my cousin at that. Joe’s a good dad and that’s straight bullshit. Wait until that kid becomes old enough to know the hate you pushed, I guarantee there’s gonna be a little boogie woogie woo comin for you.

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