3 responses to “FGNEFE4BB54H

  1. Wow, just wow, this entire website is the most ignorant thing i have ever had the unfortonite chance to come across.

    “juggalos are racist”?

    Are you fuckin serious?
    Look at the songs, how many times do you hear about J or Shaggy killing or beating up a bigot?
    Juggalos are by for the least racist group around. NOT ONE PERSON IS TURNED AWAY FROM BEING A JUGGALO, as long as their real. Now how the fuck can you talk so much shit on us? Juggalo Holocuast? Were racist but you can form a group named after the most destructive, ignorant, and scared man in world history? (hitler). thats fucking outraguos!

    What the fuck did juggalos do to you? Steal your girl/guy? Kick your ass for talkin shit? Whatever it was let it the fuck go, this is fucking sad. I would almost feel sorry for you if you didnt hate us so much.

    And now all your little JH faggots are at the GOTJ? Last year there was rapes, beatings, and killings, AND WERE THE BAD PEOPLE? GODDAMN YOU ARE THE MOST IGNORANT, HIPOCRITICAL, HATE-FILLED ASSHOLE!!!

    Stay the fuck away from the gahtering, were not takin this shit this year

  2. Yeah guys, we only took shit last year!

    Wait, beatings and killings (theres always rapes JH or not) at the gotgay? Were we in the same place last year?

  3. Let me quote icp once again u ignorant lil person the faggot population is getting way to over crowded and they need to do something about it and they’re gunna slash someones throat for being a faggot. But they hatee biggots just anothr ignorant juggalo

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