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  1. Hey all you punk ass wanna be gangbangers, how bout you let me know where some of yall stay…. This is Stric-9 from that THC (trigger happy clowns) reppin that JHK (juggalo holocaust killas)
    And Im right here in jacksonville flordia and im willing to travel… Just let me know pussys, cuz i’d be happy to come to your house… ill gladly go to jail, ill kill your mamma, daddy, son, daughter, sister, grandma, and last but least you. If ya’ll aint scared just post and adress.

  2. Stric-9, from THC, reppin JHK. Real original.

    They won’t post no damn addy’s, I wish, I’d like to hang out with a few of them, but being a juggalo, dont think itll happen :*( oh well.

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