Australian Juggalos – A gang

australian juggalo gang

Ignore the fake juggalo edit made by a juggalo to pretend the juggalos are not a gang.

8 responses to “Australian Juggalos – A gang

  1. ya’ll is some dumb muthafuckers that don’t know shit about shit

  2. Fuck, im from Victoria and I’ve never heard shit about this. This kinda bullshit is a disgrace to the term all the real juggalos. Fuck those mugging faggots, I’d give anything to have five minutes alone with those fucking juggaho fuckbag wanna bes.

  3. HAHAHAHA this is some funny arsed shit.

    Im the one that put the “Fake Juggalos” text on the fucker as I scanned it out of the Daily Telegraph & posted it on Facebook. If you did any more research the what our fucked up local papers did you would also know I posted a video on youtube with this article & the definitions of “Gang” & “Family”. If you took the time to understand things & actually find out the truth behind things you would know YES Juggalos do fall under teh definition of a GANG. We also fall under the definition of FAMILY. The difference between us & most of the “Gangs” you hear about is we are not a “Criminal Gang” but yes ok we can be called a gang under definition.

  4. Juggalos Aint No Gang

    ya know it wouldnt be hard for someone who wasnt even a juggalo or that doesnt even like ICP/Psychopathic artists, to paint up & go around pulling this kind of shit just to deliberately give juggalos a bad name. those that do claim to be juggalos & run around doing this shit are fake ass bitches & should fuck off wit their bullshit cuz their giving us a bad name, its a fucking joke.. juggalos arent part of any gang, if you or anyone else thinks that we are, you can just fuck the fuck off.. we’re family.. the majority of true ninjas dont go around doin this shit.. & the ones that do wouldnt be stupid enough to paint up & go do the shit.. thats just fuckin retarded. i mean if you claim to be a juggalo & wear face paint all the time & go around robbin people & shit, you may as well stick a fucking tracking bug up your asshole & give the locator to the cops yourself.. cuz they will find you.. & if not, the blame’ll just get stuck on an innocent true juggalo.. as a matter of fact an ex freind of mine robbed an all night gas station near my house wit a butcher knife & wearing a clown mask, then he hid in my front yard on his escape & was intentionally spotted by my neighbours,, the fucker was tryna pin the shit on me, i wake up at 3am wit cops bangin on my door trying to do an emergency raid looking for the clown mask & the cash & cigarettes he stole.. My point is, Fuck any asshole that claims to be a juggalo that does this shit.. whether they are or just faking being a juggalo.. their nothing but scum & they need to be taken out the back & shot.. Real Juggalo’s don’t do this shit.. so fuck you & fuck what you think bitch

  5. get off this site, fags. i dont wanna hear you bitch while im supposed to be hating you in a juggalo-free zone!

  6. The real Juggalo

    Man fuck the owners of this website. We are a fucking family not a gang. So fuck all the fakes and neden bitches who say otherwise. Fuck all the bitch haters who wanna be something but can’t. You can try to get rid of the Juggalo FAMILY but you bitch ass niggers will never come face to face with a Juggalo and say this shit. We don’t die mother fuckers. And I speak for all the fam when I say that. We all got eachothers back no matter how hard shit gets so just cause a Juggaho (fake ass pussy) wants to stir shit with the Juggalo fam and give us a bad name don’t mean shit.


  8. i’m a juggalo and i’m taking home $110k a year. im 31.

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