JH Member Getting Ready for the gathering #GOTJ

JH Spy getting ready for the gathering , notice the use of the N word followed by a whoop whoop .

3 responses to “JH Member Getting Ready for the gathering #GOTJ

  1. we aint a gang we a motha fuckin family and oh excuse me for havin familys back no matter wat get used to us you all hate cause you wanna be us but juggalos shed yall out so fuck off so because someone starts shit wit us and we stand up for ourselfs and fight back that makes us a gang ha watever were world wide we will always be here

  2. what the fuck is this shit a gang blah blah if yall think we are the only fucking people that say nigga nigger any of that shit please walk into a school cuz fucking nigger is thrown around likes its rad or some shit you fucks its a goddamn fab anyone can any every one does use nigga nigger so fuk off bitches

  3. They aren’t comming to the gathering. If they do they want do shit. They say they are going to do a lot of things but it never happens. Older juggalos know better than to listen to a bunch of cyber bullies. Don’t let them get to you my younger los and lettes. All they do is talk.

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