Cave-In-Rock Reputation ruined by Insane clown Posse

Cave-In-Rock is a village in Hardin County, Illinois, United States. Its principal feature is a 55-foot (17 m)-wide cave on the Ohio River

Now the the infamous location where tila tequila got injured by juggalos.
Ban GOTJ – gathering of the juggalos .

Visit To offer your prayers and well wishes to tila tequila after her attack by juggalos

3 responses to “Cave-In-Rock Reputation ruined by Insane clown Posse

  1. In all fairness, Cave In has been “ruined” for years…every event at the Hog Rock farm gets f’ed up.

  2. james baesler 530 juggalo

    fuck u haters juggalos will live on im one all iVe done is cared for the well being of everyone so u sayin were nothing but scum punks bums freaks homeless dirt mud gang members let me tell u what u are u are the fuckin reason people like us have no one but our family so in a way uve created us we here these words everyday what u think we r but we know we get more love from our family than u do from pay per view porn mmfwcl whoop whoop

    • mommy loves you!

      Poor baby! Mommy & Daddy have a few issues too. But, we don’t get violent and show “love” by beating up small females. Maybe I didn’t cuddle you enough, keep you on breast milk long enough, or maybe it was that joint I hit before I knew I was preggo? But, u know what? EVERY generation feels “misunderstood” by their parents. It doesn’t mean you have to beat up innocent people. That’s just wrong! And as far as the1st commenter, dude, all he said was that Hog Rock events are mismanaged. He didn’t slam Junkalows. But, being the little woe is me pussy that you are, you went off on a rant about how you and your party pussy pals are all rejected by family when you deserve so much love. Baby girl, learn to love yourself, then you’ll know what love can be, and you will see that the ppl who raised you likely DO love you, and the “family” of Junkalows are no more family than schoolmates at the 10 year HS reunion. Baby, wake the fuck up. You are a pathetic, tears in your beers, woe is me, panty boy!

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