Insane clown posse Negligence and duty of care broken – tila tequila

Tila tequila has a very good legal case against the insane clown pose Joseph Bruce and Joseph William “Joey” Utsler and their record label psychopathic records as they broke the duty of care needed to protect tila tequila from injury

Duty of care law requires

  • the foreseeability of the harm or injury;

warnings posted here and other juggalo sites with juggalos planning on thorwing stuff at the gathering

  • the possible magnitude of the potential harm or injury;

corporal robinsons video – what happened to tracey smothers by juggalos throwing rocks etc etc

  • the importance or social value of the activity engaged in by the defendant;
  • the usefulness of the conduct to the defendant;

They did nothing to protect tila when a majority of juggalos planned to throw urine rocks and bottles

  • the feasibility of alternative conduct;

it was planned in advance , tila tequila got on stage and got attacked , tila tequila ran away and was chased

  • the relative usefulness of the alternative conduct;
  • and the relative safety of the alternative conduct.

There was a large amount of negligence by ICP and psychopathic records regarding this , they knew it would happen and they let it happen to tila tequila.

3 responses to “Insane clown posse Negligence and duty of care broken – tila tequila

  1. The attack was planned. Go read about it– plenty of entries on the festival. July 17 entry claims they want video, that they know there is something planned.

  2. Have any of you people actually WATCHED the TMZ video of the “attack”? That attention whore was hiding behind several security guards while TAUNTING the crowd. There were no rocks or fireworks or urine or feces thrown at her. The only thing that came from the crowd was PLASTIC water bottles, which won’t cut up somebody’s face like that. I can’t comment on her being chased, because the video didn’t show that, but she DID NOT have to stay on stage and taunt fans when they made it clear that they didn’t want her onstage. She’s fucking stupid for not walking away when stuff started coming out of the crowd.

  3. guess what idiots? she signed a waiver she aint getting a dime because she knew what she was getting into

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