Why Did Juggalos Attack Tila Tequila – and ICP did nothing to stop it?


There are many reasons behind the attack on poor Tila Tequila by the idiotic fans called juggalos and the reason why out activist group The JH – Juggalo holocaust was created to inform the public on what menace these juggalos cause to society.

Firstly as soon as Tila Tequila was announced juggalos planned to throw rubbish , we pointed this out with quotes from juggalos that they were going to do something and yet no additional protection or security measures were offered .

Tila Tequila is mainstream , which made her a target , as Juggalos and icp are underground it would seem tila tequila a mtv star would not fit in , however this was known by Physcopathic records and the booking choice was wrong .

Tracy smothers and corperal robinson both wrestlers have had similar fates with rubbish rocks and bottles thrown to the point of having a video begging juggalos to not throw items .

However Tila Tequila is not a big wrestler she is a small woman and a simple way to ensure her security would of been for a member of icp or twizted to attend with tila .

Tila Tequilas blog called ICP Insane Klown Posse not the Insane clown posse , which helped infuriate fans even more however they had already planned this event to happen from the very begining her name was announced and the reason was due to Bubba Sparxxx.

It seems to most juggalos that Tila Tequila was planned by icp and Psychopathic Records as this years Bubba Sparxx That she was purposfily hired by icp was this reason which made her a target for juggalos.A history lesson the third annual Gathering of the Juggalos was held in the Civic Center in Peoria, Illinois for four days, with over 8,000 in attendance. Bubba Sparxxx was booed offstage and has since left a mark on future Gatherings, as acts sharing similar fates have been said to have received the “Bubba Sparxxx award”.

Tila was going to be this years Bubba Sparxxx award winner – planned in advance,she was going to get booed offstage ridiculed and treated like a joke in the eyes of juggalos she was purposely hired to be ridiculed and attacked , but they planned to take their created Bubba Sparxxx award too far.

Psychopathic Records could of easily avoided tension by having someone come out with her that would not be attacked like a member of twizted or abk therefore averting the problem , however it seems they knew what would happen and let it happen anyway.


41 responses to “Why Did Juggalos Attack Tila Tequila – and ICP did nothing to stop it?

  1. You call us a menace to society and you are the ones killing innocent people. And who gives a fuck about that aids infested cunt tila tequila! I dont know anyone who likes her and i know people who are not juggalos before you say other juggalos dont count! AND YOU NEED TO GET YOUR FUCKING FACTS STRAIGHT ABK IS ONE MAN ANYBODY KILLA NOT ANYBODY KILLAS YOU FUCK PUSSIES TALK SHIT AND HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA WHAT THE FUCK YOUR TALKING ABOUT! SO SERIOUSLY SHUT THE HELL UP YOU BIGGOT FUCKS

    some juggalo idiots are now getting upset that their actions – throwing rocks and violence
    will mean repercussions – icp sued , gathering banned , juggalos labeled as a gang
    too bad you listned to jake jeykll young juggalo not his brother james

    • Throwing shit at her isnt gonna make juggalos “Good” or anything.
      People thought they were psycho from the start, now we KNOW how crazy u guys are.
      Tila didn’t do ANYTHING to try to hurt the juggalos.
      They’re just completely disrespectful and plus she’s a woman… Now there probably won’t be any more gatherings and it’s cause they’re so fucking stupid and don’t think before they act.
      They just made all juggalos look like complete idiots.

      • well our gatherings are still going and she did provoke the crowd plus her hipe man called us jiggalos(a male prostitute) and showing her tits wasnt a plus for her either. Some people are idiots, its a fact. In any group there are idiots like that, hell in the rave scene which is all bout PLUR (peace love unity and respect) now has people forming gangs in the scene :/ im a juggalo and believe we will keep living

  2. Okay, so if I decide or enough people decide your a piece of shit, I guess I can bash your brains in anytime I feel like it? Great defense of your actions jerk off!

  3. i am not a juggalo but i must say that this a commendable act that these young cult members pulled off. now this action would not have been the right thing to do if this was directed towards a productive member of society(which you would never find in a juggalo gathering in the first place,which really tells you something about tila tequila) but rather this was directed towards some loose whore that does not a have a good reason to be famous in the first place. like seriously the slut had her tits hanging out while she was screaming vulgarities for a bunch of crazed icp cult members. she is not any better than the juggalos. so while i don’t agree with you defending “poor tila tequila” i do find your blog interesting so far

    • Voice of Reason

      So let me get this straight. Is your defense for these violent actions a very deliberate slut shaming? Slut shaming is a major enemy to feminism right now, and it’s so obvious you’re a bigoted man that it hurts. So what if she exposed herself, makes different sexual choices than you, and said words to the crowd? The crowd was violent, which is both morally and legally inexcusable. I find it appalling that you’d defend their actions based on whether you feel she is productive or not. Just who gave you, or anyone else, the right to determine who is productive enought to not be assaulted?

  4. I am a juggalo from 2000, I’m a big fan of icp and everyone at psychopathic, but even I must admit that stoning some young woman is totally fucked up and shouldn’t have happened. Though it seems highly unlikely, I hope the actions of those who participated in this arnt seen the represent those who didn’t. Being a juggalo really isn’t about this, it’s supposed to be the complete opposite…

  5. WOW!!! Tila Tequila…… I feel bad that she got hurt and i think it was wrong for people to be throwing rocks/ bricks/ batteries at her. BUT….. being a juggalette myself, you all are a bunch of fucking dip shits!!!! Everyone is out to talk shit and discredit ICP and psychopathic records but I am, along with all the FAMILY! here to tell you we will never die!!! Your hatred towards us only fules the fire!!! I was at the gathering this year and let me tell you something……. You will never find another place in the world with such awesome people and with mad love towards one another. As for this bullshit…. I am really sorry tila got hurt she did not deserve to be physicaly injured. As for all you fucks talking shit about us well i have one thing to say….. Anyone there this year will tell you that their were a lot of juggahoes and haters and I am positive that all this shit was done by a HATER!!!! So leave the FUCKING FAMILY ALONE!!!! FUCK ALL YOU THAT ARE NOT DOWN WITH THE CLOWN!!! PS…. Ever think that people threw shit at her because her hipe man called us jiggalos???

  6. violent jay warned her this would happen. in a video you see guys try to protect her but she still satys on stage for some reaosn

  7. i find this pretty stupid both on tilas part and the juggalos part. on tila cuz im pretty sure she was told wat was going on wat was going 2 happen she was also told she didnt have to go on stage if she didnt want 2. she was warned mulitple times not to come on stage that they were going 2 get violent and get really bad but yet she did anyways. and her trying to make the crowd happy or settle down is like trying to stop a raging bull charge. it might happen but ur gonna have to sadate them a shit ton. and idky they said icp or twiztid should of helped… they get shit throw at them 2 sometimes. i mean last yr monoxide child of twiztid got a bottles thru at him and he got a black eye from a fan. and jamie madrox has had shit thrown at him as well. no one group is ever safe at the gathering cuz most of the fans that do come i hate 2 say this rnt in the right state of mind. this is a 4 day vacation of drinking and drugs so im sure half them were tweaking out and the other half probably didnt want her on stage. and now hearing method man is suing is ridiculus as well. i mean its like u dont come to sumthing unless u know wats gonna happen. thats like a couple of black guys going 2 a kkk meeting shits gonna go down in a bad way. and im not going 2 completely defend my family cuz frankly they could of just booed mayb thrown food but stones shit and piss? come on thats the kinda shit that makes ppl hate us. like violent jay corp and too tuff tony said come on come up with something better 2 do when u dont like someone cuz just hurting ppl cuz u dont like them isnt really justified no matter how u look at it. do i think suing icp is wrong yes do i think the juggalos should of done something other then throwing shit stones and piss yes. and i know if anyone listens to there radio statation and keeps up with all there twitters like i do to b kept in the loop of wats going on. from 2day until the next gathering they well talk to the family about wat had happend and hopefully next yr there wont b shit piss and stones being thrown at the gathering… at least 4 starters. but i gotta say this if any rapper singer wat have u thinks about coming 2 the gathering ull expect 2 booed mocked and unfornatly have stuff thrown at u… it happens and its happend 2 every person at the gatherin so whinning about it like its only happened 2 u, that needs 2 stop. as for the juggalos if u wouldnt do it 2 someone on a regular bases y do it hear? grow up a bit and think of something else to do then throwing stones piss and shit.


    You guys are pathetic. You obviously don’t know any real juggalos or care to for that matter. I’m a juggalette, I don’t condone what people did to tila but nor do i feel that its ICP’s fault, she knew the risks in going there. How would they stop the crowd? Just because some people are morons doesn’t mean all of us are, there bad people from every faction group and race and I really believe that you people need to drop the prejudice. I happen to be a very kind, giving, loving person–I’m not psychotic, I don’t hurt people, and I damn sure don’t JUDGE anyone. Wish I could say the same for you. Bad things happen at ALL large concerts, people get hurt, it comes with having that many people together at once. And I hope you know, that you “juggalo holocaust” people dont exactly have a good reputation yourselves. Most people know you for jumping innocent juggalos who are by themselves and beating the shit out of them…so, kudos to you for being such HYPOCRITES


    P.S.. we are not in any way a CULT. Yes, the music we listen to is misunderstood and can be considered offensive but if you listen to what ICP says we are not a gang and not out to hurt people some people are stupid and take it to levels where it should not be taken but most of us are just about loving each other and being family. As far as the jokers cards, shangrila, etc, most of us don’t BELIEVE those things are real, its all about stories and entertainment. Are people called a cult for liking to watch horror movies? Its the same thing, just in music form. People need to stop taking things so literally and being so closed minded.

  10. you all seriously think the juggalettes and juggalos care what you call us? we know you hate us we still dont care … we live, we love and we fight for our freedom like everyone else.. so before you go around calling us a gang or a cult check yourself. WE ARE A FAMILY. a family of strange wierd and crazy people who didnt have much growing up… true no one should be treated the way tila or method man was but to say all juggalos are like that is wrong. yes it is true that some juggalos dont have very good self control but you cant say that the juggalos are the only ones lacking self control… the way you people treat the juggalos is a form of discrimination and its a stereotype … you want to know what we are about listen to the music . violent j and shaggy said it plain as day in thy unvieling ” WE FOLLOW GOD WE’VE ALWAYS BEEN BEHIND HIM, THE CARNIVAL IS GOD AND MAY ALL JUGGALOS FIND EM” you have your ideals and your beliefs we have ours you have hatred toward anyone who is not just like you and most juggalos dont care who you are they like you for you not who you pretend to be. to say the juggalos are without faults would be wrong but to criticize us just because you dont want to know the truth is what fuels this battle … you call us gangs, cults , satan worshipers, freaks, and lowlifes …. well trust me there are more juggalos fighting for your freedom then you know these men and women are defending your right to hate us by going overseas into war to fight a battle you wont … so just stop the name calling and the childish anticts we are who we are and we defend you too …………

    • You are not a soldier ‘Karl’ you are a liar. I am a soldier, soldiers, and everyone in the forces already belong and are a family, why oh why then would anyone in the forces need to join a fat bunch of self-styled outcasts and rejects to feel a sense of belonging and family?

      Real armed forces personell have way to much self respect, dignity and personality to get drawn into a pitiful group of brain washed, childish pathetic moaning drones like yourselves and if any of my lads claimed to be a juggalo I would piss myself laughing, then send them for psychatric evaluation and possible counselling/medical discharge on grounds of mental health.

      You really should have more dignity and better arguments in your groups defense, falsely claiming you are a member of the forces is pitiful, pathetic, contemptable and merely serves to reinforce my negative feelings about your ‘family’ (excuse me whilst I vomit and choke with laughter, every group of social rejects, every cult and gang recruits lonely sad individuals whose mummy and daddy didn’t love them enough with promises of family and solidarity and such. But your group is the one that’s for real, right? I’m just a biggot/hater/whatever….cuz that’s not what every group/gang/cult says, right )

      No one in the forces would spout such silly statements as ”these men and women…by fighting in a battle you won’t.” We joined up by choice, we chose to accept the risks and responsibilties of our job and we DO NOT bitch at civilians for their life choices or moan about our lot in life on the net like little pussies, we are proud of the job we do.

      Do not try to pass yourself off as a member of the forces, you stick out a mile to anyone who does the job for real, you are just another whinning little pussie who’s arse wouldn’t touch for shit if you ever found yourself in a warzone fighting against an enemy that could kill you rather than some silly little unarmed girl at a gathering of thousands of you rejects…go home and rethink your life

      • Sorry Karl, I meant that comment for ‘twistedlette87’ it’s hard to see who’s posted which comment on here

  11. you people are retarded you guys are like the tabloids that say an alien guy killed his wife and took her body if you read anything at al violent j a member of ICP told her she will be paid and that she could leave also told her not to go on stage cause there was a rumor going around that she might be attaked sooo she replied “Fuck no i aint a bitch”. so i think she got isk whats the term im thining of oh yea KARMA.

  12. Ok, I’ve been a juggalo since I was 9 (some may see that as a bad thing, but please read what I have to say before you crucify me). When I heard about this incident I had a head slap moment. Its just embarrassing when I hear about other juggalo’s doing stupid shit like this. I personally don’t think she should have performed at the Gathering, she just didn’t fit, but I don’t think she should have been attacked. If you don’t wanna watch someone perform, go do something else. Its a festival for Christ’s sakes. But I do believe that she was at least partially to blame for how much abuse she took. Violent J paid her before she went on and said “The crowd is going to be violent and they’re going to throw things. If you don’t want to go on, or go on and decide you can’t finish, you can keep the money, it’s all up to you” and she said she was going to perform because she “isn’t a bitch like that”. Ok, not performing because you are going to be attacked doesn’t make you a bitch. Then when she did perform, there were about 5 guys standing on the very front of the stage swatting away water bottles and such, but she kept walking past them, or standing in between them, making herself easier to hit. Thats basically like someone saying “he’s going to set you on fire….he’s going to set you on fire…he’s going to set you on fire” Then handing you a fire proof suit, and you put in on but dont zip it up, then “he” sets you on fire. Is it partially your fault? Yes. You could have avoided it. Is it the person who set you on fire’s fault? Yes, because they set you on fire. Is it the person who warned you’s fault? No, because they warned you and even tried to help you. No one at Psychopathic Records is at fault here. They did all they could do. That was just an example, sorry it’s not the best, but you get my point. Here’s the important question. Does this mean that all Juggalos throw rocks, piss, and shit at people? No. There’s roughly (probably more than) 9 to 10 million Juggaloss world wide. Only a handful threw stuff at Tila. Thats just another instance of people judging a group based on the actions of a few. Stereotyping at it’s finest. When you have a group that big, theres going to be a few bad apples in the bunch. The people who did this have no sense of respect for another human being, which is ironic, because thats one of the biggest things ICP is trying to teach people. Someone needs to take all the dumbasses that did this and bitch slap some sense into them.

    In closing I say that this is just my point of view on the subject. If you have a different opinion, thats fine. It’s your God given right to have an opinion, I’m just voicing mine. I’m one of the kind of juggalos that you don’t see very often. Not because there aren’t any, or are only a few, but because you just don’t notice. I’m the kind with an education, a deep sense of moral fiber, and the real understanding of what being a juggalo actually means. So to everyone that was ever attacked or offended by a juggalo, or just a regular Joe, I am truely sorry that you had to experience the actions of a dumbass. Please, I beg you, forgive the good Juggalos, and believe me, there are many. Next time you see someone helping an old lady cross the street, or get a kitten out of a tree, or even put out a buring building. Think to yourself…”That person just might be a Juggalo”

    P.s. If there are any gramatical/spelling errors in this, I’m sorry. I’m not the most gramatically intelligent person in the world, but I try my best.

  13. hahaa only read a lil bit on this site so i had to say somethin. icp is not a cult. i did not attend that gathering when tila got ” attacked” but i did last year an even when icp or twiztid was on people still threw shit lol im sure most people in the crowd did not like her or her music. i mean if i was there i woulda cheered her on an try to fuck her back stage. . . but why make a big deal about it ? skanks get shit thrown at them everyday.. an yes tila is a skank have you seen tila of love or what the fuck ever it is called? juggalos aint bad people…. you choose to be what kinda person you are.. doesn matter who you are juggalos are regular people jus cause we maybe dress different an paint our faces every other day.. man fuck this i don feel like typin anymore im sure my homies up top there made some since what im tryin to say…….peace yall!

  14. Underground? ICP is not underground. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a fan, but these morons are running around everywhere.

    Most of them appear to be white trash, poorly kept roust abouts who have nothing and no one but their said “family”. The same “family”, that at every show, offer drugs for sale, nudity and moral perversion for all to see. Even small children who have been brainwashed by their parents into this subculture.

    I don’t even understand how you can consider someone who offers you drugs a “family” member. It is not a “family” most would even want to be part of.

    They have delusional philosophies on life. Claiming to be rejected and such, when most haven’t even given anyone besides their supposed “family” members a chance to accept them. How can you even begin to claim this when you run around dressed like a moron, with face paint. You have created your own self loathing. Most of them have put themselves in the position to be rejected, and blame their parents and society. Society and your parents, children, did not put a gun to your head and force you to drink cheap soda and paint your face. You made a concious decision to do so.

    You wonder why people don’t accept you? Take a look in the mirror. Reflect upon your lives. You are the cause of 99% of this feeling of social rejection. Where will you be when you are 65 years old? Painting your face and wearing hot topic pants you found on sale at goodwill? Pensuionless and peniless? Broke, and folwing the same morons that got you into this situation? Do you really think you are “Down with the clown” until you die? What would you do if these musical artists never existed? Mope around and still paint your face? I think not. You would probably find the self motivation to succeed in life and find your own niche. Not some prefabricated way of life marketed and sold to you, one pathetic loser at a time.

    There isn’t a single original thought between you all. You dress the same. You listen to the same music. All you are wearing is a corporate uniform. Sold to you in order to make some people who YOU have set forth to be a role model for yourselves rich. They sit back and live the good life, driving fancy cars and eating dinner every night whilst you spend every cent you have on merchandise and propoganda to spread their so called “faith”.

    Wake up. You are the cause of your own demise. You created this subculture to escape ridicule, and only dug yourselves a deeper hole to fall into.

    You don;t like my advice? Think about this….

    How can you dress like that, and act like that….expose innocent children to drugs and nudity, and still think that society rejects you because of who you are? They reject you because of the personae you have taken on….

    They reject the juggalo, not the person you are.
    They reject the face paint, and the angst that you are hiding behind that mask.

    Stop being fools and grow up.

    • d vv the clown

      um bro how can you say we expose kids to nudity…. there where kids at that show and that girl took her shirt off…. that’s are fault? now im not saying that what was done was right… but you putting a stereotype on a group… read my last post for my full opinion but seriously man… you cant hate on what you never tryed to understand that’s hypercritical

  15. alright… well lets start off with fuck you! Juggalo’s saved my life. my lil sisters took me in off the streets. their family gave me food, clothes, and a home that cared. most of thier family is down with the clown, thats how I was introduced. not all of us are immature idiots (no offense towards the fam but this is the truth) and im glad to see that other Juggalo’s see it as a mistake too. being a Juggalo is about family and unity… its about standing up for what you belive in(plus its all about gettin together with some wicked muthafakoo’s and havin a good time). we’re all human and we all make mistakes… so FUCK YOU, get off your high horse, and stop judgin people based on other peoples mistakes, ASSHOLES. but on another note… MMFWCL WHOOP WHOOP!!! STAY STRONG FAM!

  16. I just want to say, most of the people who are badmouthing the gathering and the jugggalos have never been to a gathering. I was there, (backstage as a matter of fact) and she was warned and warned againg, it is not suggested that she go out there. He egotism won out and she insisted. And as for what was thrown at her. There are no GLASS bottles or BRICKS at the gathering. The worst she could have been hit by would be a rock that is on the trails for the lovetrain, or a PLASTIC faygo bottle. Some people will do anything for additional attention. She cant handle that there are some people who don’t like her idea of entertainment and don’t want to hear or see it. And because of that we are now called a cult or gang or whatever the phrase of the day is. I am not saying there weren’t people who took it too far, but to punish all of us Los and Letts is just wrong.

  17. so tilia got roughed up at a gathering huh? well she did not do her homework…if she did she would have known not to be there so let her sue her own publisist.. juggalos are a higher thinking human being unlike the rest of you haters>:P in every group of people there is 10% that are mentally stupid and it is that 10% that threw crap and piss at her…. who blames every LA Raider fan when they go out and riot and burn and tear the city down after a super bowl win, no one because its not every fans fault a few did something stupid . so tilia leave my family alone and get a real job like me a diesel mechanic ..

    it was the old school juggalos

  18. Wow look @ all the idiot faggot juggalo’s talking shit. There is no reason to be violent like that towards someone, and people who support those actions are scum, need to be put behind bars or institutionalized and examined. Fuck off all you monkey music white chocolate idiotically face painted fucktrads. KKthx? bai.


  20. I’m not an ICP fan but that brain-dead overrated slut Tila is the worse, & I mean THE WORST singer in history. Her singing voice is so bad she makes Yoko Ono sound like John Lennon. Violent J warned her not to take the stage, I know Tila claimed she was never warned but regardless she should’ve left the stage as soon as stuff got thrown. What the hell was she thinking hanging around while debris rained down on her? She got her 15 minutes of fame getting naked online, not for her non-existent singing abilities. I wonder why the author never mentioned any of this?

  21. DownWithTheClownAndImDownForLife

    okay im a Jugalette and Tila should have enough common sence not to go out on stage with insane Juggalos i mean come on really she is a whore who no one lyks except sick old men who jackoff to her naked videos jugallos are not bad people we are a insane family there for each other Violent J warned her yu will get paid for this but yu will get hurt if yu go out but stupid ass stuck up snob had to do it anyways and some of yu say imagine how yu look when yu 60 firstly most of us will not live to be 60 im just being honest and if yu live to be a 60 year old jugallo omg yur awesome cause then yu will teachin younger kids be who yu want to be but seriously leave the family alone!!!!! and be yur preppy little bitch with yur perfect life cause yu dnt kno what its like to be like us and have a life like ours i think my family above have said that.!!!!!


  22. d vv the clown

    ok serusly peoples…. so a skater jumps a fool and beats the daylight out of him dose that mean all skaters act like that? no just the idiot that jumped him…. a chines person kills someone… dose that mean all chines people do that? no…. you cant judge credentials of thousands of people off the actions of a few…. and also she was told it was going to happen and didn’t stop anyways…. now im not saying she should have been stoned or had crap flung on her stupid a** but seriously people she had the chance to leave with no damage to her self AND KEEP THE MONEY and she still didn’t. that was as much her fault as those trowing the stones and s****… now please grow up i have been a fan for years.. i am a productive person in society… i make 18 an hour making shear your kids and hospitals and stores have milk to drink… please stop talking crap because you have nothing better to do… we are not a cult and i can say that those fools that threw the stones and shit got there a**es kicked for doing by half that crowd….

  23. jesterofdeath420

    man fuck you pussy bitches juggalo holocaust fuck you. You guys just cant handle the fact that we built this family on our own from the ground up while all your pussie idols sucked and fucked their way to the top. Were not a gang or a cult u stupid fucks were a family and ur just blinded by the ignorance of the mainstream taught to believe what your told and not accept and learn about life in your own life you dont even have to like icp to be a juggalo its a way of life you stupid fucks come bring your asses to the gathering and see how your holocaust handels the psychopathic family you stupid fucks fuck off

  24. chris aka twizted juggalo101

    yall need to stop talkn shit bout us juggalos or i swear on my hatchet, man yall kno nothin bout our family so get up whats left of your puny lives suck it up and move on you fucking skanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. chris aka twizted juggalo101

    fuck u and all u fucking juggalo holocaust bitches, hop you die under my hatchet!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I heard howard stern mention this recently and i think that girl is hot, so i did a little research..
    The only history i have with icp is that i once fucked a girl with a hatched tattoo by her pussy and she told me it had something to do with being a juggler..
    That being said, after reading this i truly feel like these no-life losers are maybe a bigger problem than i thought possible.
    It doesnt matter if its hip hop, country, jazz, rock, whatever… Any time a concert is organized and an act is booked just to let the fans attack them, is a little strange and hatefull.. But it’s also a real scum bag thing to do.
    The girl i fucked with the tattoo was a real piece of shit. She was definetly the type of person that i could see doing this. That’s exactly why i used a condom, but i degress..
    I hope that poor girl sues these soda pop chugging ass holes and this is the last time they are able to have this stupid event.

  27. ICP wasnt even at that stage, not like they could just walk up and say fuckin stop, she went up on a stage where there are people entirely against her set of morals(those being less than honorable). Juggalo’s do tend to throw things but it usually out of love as Afro Man stated in an interview on the Documentary “the family underground” but she didn’t understand the situation and started provoking the audience angering them, when the crowd yelled “show us your boobs” they got angry once again cause she was so willing to do what ever she can to be popular and liked. Yeah they may have wanted to see them but she did it so easily when they expected her to be a little moral at least. She isn’t a bad person and didn’t deserve what happened. This is coming from a Juggalo. And to the person above, we have lives especially more than most people and more love for each other than most close friends do. ICP and the security said don’t go on stage, and she didn’t listen they were genuinely concerned for her safety. Anyway michael how can u talk so much trash when the only thing you know bout them is that a girl had hatchet man next to her pussy? Most things you will find on the internet are rumors and slander that all lead back to their feud with Eminem which is now over and done with.

  28. Juggalos are no menace to society. We are people. Living breathing human beings. Just like the rest of you. We just chose to acknowledge that wicked shit that everyone else chose to ignore. Gimme one damn good reason why you hate Juggalos and Juggalettes. Because everyone else hates us?? So, just because we consider each other family and enjoy music that’s not like all the other pussy pop shit out there as we’re not afraid to be ourselves and fight for what we believe in.. That makes us a menace to society?? Never judge a book by its cover. Because I’m sure that when you go out to eat, or go shopping, or go to get your car fixed even, I’m sure a Juggalo or Juggalette has served you before and you wouldn’t of even known. We’re people to. Not animals. Oh, and by the way, tila tequila, she deserved what she got. You don’t mess with the underground. It’s that simple. She didn’t belong.

  29. “It’s not right people judge us all based on what a few people did, but it’s completely Tila’s fault that it happened. I mean, did you see how she dressed? She’s a whore! And her music sucks! One of the people on stage committed the Unpardonable Sin of not knowing our group’s jargon! Tila didn’t immediately cave to our abuse and stood up for herself instead of cowering with her tail between her legs! What else could rational people do other than assault her??!”

    How sad are the juggalos commenting on this blog? How much can you whine about being misunderstood without seeing the blatant irony? This attack is the clearest possible example of the lack of empathy in this group. You want to be understood? Try understanding others yourselves. It’s shouldn’t be too taxing on your imaginations to figure out that none of you would appreciate being pelted with objects, chased into a trailer, and terrorized while a mob outside tried to break in. Imagine standing in there, waiting for them to come in, and having that time to picture all the horrific things that might happen when they did. I’m sure Tila expected to die that night, I know I would have. But it’s okay to subject another person to something like this because YOU didn’t like her and her music. Your right to listen to a different musical artist is more important than her right not to be harmed. Fantastic.

    While your victim blaming and slut shaming are unsurprising, please know these tired excuses are as old as mankind. Those poor, helpless juggalos- they are in no way responsible for their actions! It’s interesting you would defend these people by arguing they are mindless idiots with no impulse control. Then you wonder why this doesn’t endear you to others.

    Instead of blaming the world for your problems, try taking a look at your own lives and owning up to your actions. It’s beyond pathetic to blame Tila for the crowd’s actions, as though they are not autonomous individuals capable of higher thinking. Instead of raving about “haters” and being misunderstood, try to understand others. See Tila’s perspective of that terrifying night, for a start. Instead of ranting about hypocrisy in others, try looking at your own hypocrisy. I see nothing “kind, giving, loving” nor do I see anything illustrating “family” in a mob assault on a small group of people. Sorry.

    I get that you can’t control every member of your group. I get there are assholes in every group who ruin things for others. But you don’t DEFEND those assholes and rationalize their behavior! The only reason to do that is if you SUPPORT their actions. Given the angry, hateful, vitriol posted by the juggalos here (a few of which laughingly label themselves as nice people), this sort of violence appears to be par for the course in your culture.

    This comment thread is truly my first exposure to juggalos and you seem like a terrifying, hateful, angry, violent group. I’m sure this will be completely disregarded and chalked up to “hating” on your group, but it’s my honest impression. Though it appears the opinions of those outside of the group are not valued in the juggalo community.

    Speaking of beliefs, it’s certainly your right to believe women should be stoned and attacked for their morals or perceived lack thereof. However, others don’t have to agree with you. Just as you are asking for the right to hold your beliefs, you have to extend that same right to others. Be happy millions of people in other parts of the world agree with you and regularly rape, beat, or stone females to death for having “objectionable” morals. To them, women are not really people and it is society’s job to abuse them until they submit. This seems to be an ideology many of you can get behind. Just don’t expect all of us to accept it.

    Honestly, this incident and the juggalo comments here make me very worried for the females involved with this group, some of whom posted in defense of this assault. I sincerely hope members of their “family” never one day decide to attack them for a breach of morals. While society in general supports rape culture and the subjugation of women, most people would be opposed to the assault on Tila. Your group’s defense of it sends a VERY strong and clear message.

    The bottom line is this should not have happened. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like Tila, her music, her morals, or any other asinine detail about her. She still did not deserve to be attacked. This is not right. It doesn’t matter whether she was warned or not before taking the stage. (Why did she need to be warned about going in front of such a delightful group of caring individuals who are all about family and understanding in the first place??) No person deserves to be physically assaulted because you don’t like their music.

    Don’t like her songs? Too fucking bad. Grow up, be an adult, and ignore her. There was nothing keeping those people at that stage. Instead of throwing a tantrum and abusing her, you could have simply moved on. Again, I’m amazed that so few of these juggalos even considered that option.

    The worst, though, is all of those defending the juggalos who did assault her. It’s one thing to be caught up in the moment, in the excitement of a crowd. It’s another thing entirely to look at this scenario objectively, after the fact, and say it was acceptable.

  30. Amanda Greathouse

    Violent J did warn her and if she was stupid enough not to take his advice that her thing. Yes, I believe it is wrong to stone someone, she provoked, and her thing called them jiggalos.She even stayed there on stage while things were being thrown. I am sorry but if I had rocks,bricks,and bottles thrown at me I would move.

  31. Whoever wrote this is a fucking moron first off!!! You need to go back to grade school and learn fucking english all over again. Second, that dumb fucking skank bitch shouldnt have ever even fucking been at a gathering. Why the hell would you go somewhere where there is thousands of fucking juggalos and juggalettes that would love to fucking stomp your ass, and expect nothing to happen!!! She got what she had coming… Fucking bitch. Whoop whoop. You fucking bitch you get that, you get something in your throat!!!

    • What another charming example of the “loving” and “warm” attitude you juggalos and jugalettes claim to have. Welcome to life, sweetheart. It doesn’t matter whether or not people like the woman’s music, it doesn’t give them the right to physically assault her. It’s incredible to me that you juggalos and juggalettes are so utterly devoid of compassion and understanding for your fellow man that you cannot see this.

      Nobody cares if you like her music or not, assault is assault. Period. You have no right to harm another, especially over something so asinine as musical tastes. I just can’t believe so many of you are on this blog arguing that people deserve to die or be severely beaten or even traumatized for simply THINKING DIFFERENTLY THAN YOU DO. In fairness, though, mankind has a long tradition of genocide. Your attitude is really nothing new or surprising.

    • If anything your one also for liking a band that bitch made

  32. World war 3 should consist of normal citizens vs icp fans. We should exterminate them all. You’ve all been brainwashed into believing in music that speaks of drugs, killing, and an afterlife of some dark carnival. Get real. You’re all ignorant and need to be stopped before you destroy the world.

  33. Juggalos are dumbass bitches that can’t kick it with other different sets.where I’m from juggalos are easy pickings for more hardcore sets. Claim juggalo here your marked.

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