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Another juggalo stabbed at this years gotj – gathering of the juggalos

I waz at the gathering this year, and had to leave early because some idiot stabbed me with a fuckin’ fork in my tent… Is that what family is alll about? Fuck all the bullshiiit and fuck all you “down ninja’s”… I still like some of the music, but anyone that thinkks that a juggalo is anything more than a fan can gtfo of my face…

Juggalos threaten and try to silence Tila Tequila

A few threats for silence from tilas myspace page by the juggalo gang …. juggalos are just getting worse and worse

Raychull Fierce

No body beat you up your a liar the Indiana Juggalo Fam was there and you lied to the police they can prove it you lied your in a lot of trouble when they show that tape to everyone. you did this because no one pays attention to you unless your being suggestive its chicks like you who make men think we’re stupid and cant do what they can do well if you wanted to get publicity you got it but you opened up the wrong box if you wanted to do somethin like this you shld have said it was some scene emo indie kid punks Juggalettes and Juggalos dont mess around we’re all over the world and we’re all straight fam NO MATTER WHAT if you bare the hatchet man and show love to your fam NO BODY MESSES WITH YOU that includs crappy C- stars like you i’m telling you this because i’m willing to bet my way into Shangri-la that you have no idea whats next this aint no threat so chill just thought you shld know what your gonna be up against in the nest 2 months since i myself am a juggalette and saw the tape and was AT THE GATHERING sorry but you can’t blame this on the Juggalos we been around before you were born

jester the juggalo

ur nothing but a bitch tech n9ne said in an interveiw that hes tellin all the tech n9ne fans to not hate the juggalos ur a bitch i have a hatchetman tat and a tech n9ne tat bitch so ur saying i should hate myself mother fucker fuck u u little juggalo holacaust faggot people like u make people like us wanna kill u i hope u die of a very horriable depressing death i hope everything bad that can happen to a person happen to u and only u bitch boy

kaleb/future marine

to me that means all u want is ur fame, fuck you and your phycopathic bullshit, hope the juggalo fam finds you out of the crowd.

dripz(R.I.P paul gray)

haha dumb bitch u might as well be aprart of those e thuggin pussies that call themselves the juggalo holocaust that do nothin but act hard over the internet when they really are nothin but a bunch of middle aged fat fukin faggots that have nothin better to do but bitch jus like urself go ahead and pull a lawsuit out of ur loose cunt juggalos caused a riot in peoria and they culdnt put us down and niether will u so have fun with thatand besides the gathering is on a contract ur useless lawsuit won brake that shit so have fun

Kaila Ruggiers

Tilla i cant belive ur gana sue the gathering so what you got shit thrown at you ulL live so get over it god dam your the one that when there IF YOU AINT DOWN WITH THE CLOWN THE GET THE FUCK OUT! simple as that and ur lil law suit aint gana do shit the gathering shalL live on and you shalL be the laugh of years to come just remeber that MCL HOMIES whoOp whoop and btw us JUGGLOS arnt RUN BY ANYONE!
This is just 1 page of tilas myspace filled with threat upon threat to her by juggalos juggalos keep taking this too far , death threats , hints of violence and abuse – some of the secrets of the cult of juggalos.

Juggalos get knocked out

Best post ever regarding the tila tequila incident posted at toxsic

juggalo knock out
what do you mean kinda funny?
you subhuman piece of shit…

a bunch of grown ass men throwing rocks and fire crackers at a female… then when she runs in fear following her to her trailer throwing shit and busting out the windows trying to get in…
fucking hilarious dude..

don’t get me wrong, i hate tila taquila as much as the next person. she is part of the media brainwashing that is turning our women into nothing but hoes.
i am all about putting a bitch and check that fucks you over, but I guarantee that she had fucked nobody over that was in that damned place. you jugga fucks are broke ass subhuman savages, where she is a gold digger.

also all you jugga tards that are saying derrrrrr serves her right, shouldn’t have came… SHE WAS FUCKING INVITED you dip shits.. she was a paid act..


learn to respect women.. .did any of you juggalos have a mother growing up? or were you all just left abandoned in a dumpster so mommy could go turn another trick for some crack rock…

the joke is on you juggahoes though… there will be no more gatherings…
if there are anymore, there will be so many cops there that you will not be able to toke the meth pipe… then you will see how awful ICP is when you arn’t up for a week on crystal meth…


Illinois Police Investigating Tila Tequila ‘Attack’

Great news , i hope juggalos and icp  are charged for this – especialy how tila was set up as this years bubba sparxxx award winner .

Illinois police are investigating allegations TILA TEQUILA was attacked while performing at a music festival in the state, after the reality star accused revellers of pelting her with beer bottles and fire crackers.

The star, real name Tila Nguyen, recently released pictures of her bruised and bloodied face, claiming the injuries were the result of a prolonged attack when she was rapping at the Gathering of the Juggalos event, which began on Thursday (12Aug10).

The 28 year old, who is reportedly planning to file suit against event organisers, told TMZ.com she fled the stage only to be followed by several revellers who were “trying to kill” her.

Hardin County police were called to calm the situation, and Sheriff Tom Seiner admits “things got out of hand” during the festival.

Seiner tells the website deputies were not on scene at the time of the star’s reported incident because they were already responding to reports of a stabbing.

TMZ.com has obtained a video of the incident, in which Tequila is seemingly being protected by four security guards as members of the crowd hurl liquid-filled bottles and other missiles at her during the set.

A spokesperson for the event had not returned requests for comment as WENN went to press.

Juggalos cheering attack on women

I Hope all parents of juggalos out there watch this

attacking and attempted murder of defenseless women fordoing their job is some good ol’ fun!


Juggalos need help and need to be banned .

UNJF – United Nazi Juggalo Front

Be on the look out for a group of super juggalos the  UNJF or United Nazi Juggalo Front.

UNJF is a bunch of juggalos who are nazi sympathizers .

Can juggalos sink to a new low after their action at this years gathering with the stoning of tila tequila?

End of the Juggalo Gathering

We can only hope this is the end of the gathering of the juggalos or at least they are forced to move from cave in rock after their actions to tila tequila and the stabbing of a juggalo during a concert.