Another juggalo stabbed at this years gotj – gathering of the juggalos

I waz at the gathering this year, and had to leave early because some idiot stabbed me with a fuckin’ fork in my tent… Is that what family is alll about? Fuck all the bullshiiit and fuck all you “down ninja’s”… I still like some of the music, but anyone that thinkks that a juggalo is anything more than a fan can gtfo of my face…

3 responses to “Another juggalo stabbed at this years gotj – gathering of the juggalos

  1. that’s fucked up mate. I guess there are fuck wits everywhere, regardless of what they claim to represent.

  2. juggalo_4_LYF_BIAAATCH

    dude im sorry your fuckin lame, lol cant take a flesh wound from a family member?? haa, but on the other hand it does go to show you that SOME people dont know how to control themselves and that means that they really dont know what its all about, so blame those fucks not the rest of us. it confuses me this juggalo holocaust… if you hate us so much [unfounded reasoning] why do you make websites and whatnot taking time out of you own life that should be spent not worrying about it

  3. Alright, you got stabbed with a fork. Honestly that shits funny. As a Juggalo Who loves the music and deeply respects the family, we as a whole are not perfect. I was pissed when I heard about the tila shit, thats not what this shits about. Its fam to anyone who’s got the open mind to listen, we find solace in what you ignorant fucks think is violent which to us means jack shit. We dont give a fuck if you can make a website about how were all just out to hurt people. EVERYONE is violent, Its human nature. So fuck all you whiney fuckin fake ass bitches. As for you, for getting stabbed. Not cool but seriously. A fork? Get the fuck over it.

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