Juggalos get knocked out

Best post ever regarding the tila tequila incident posted at toxsic

juggalo knock out
what do you mean kinda funny?
you subhuman piece of shit…

a bunch of grown ass men throwing rocks and fire crackers at a female… then when she runs in fear following her to her trailer throwing shit and busting out the windows trying to get in…
fucking hilarious dude..

don’t get me wrong, i hate tila taquila as much as the next person. she is part of the media brainwashing that is turning our women into nothing but hoes.
i am all about putting a bitch and check that fucks you over, but I guarantee that she had fucked nobody over that was in that damned place. you jugga fucks are broke ass subhuman savages, where she is a gold digger.

also all you jugga tards that are saying derrrrrr serves her right, shouldn’t have came… SHE WAS FUCKING INVITED you dip shits.. she was a paid act..


learn to respect women.. .did any of you juggalos have a mother growing up? or were you all just left abandoned in a dumpster so mommy could go turn another trick for some crack rock…

the joke is on you juggahoes though… there will be no more gatherings…
if there are anymore, there will be so many cops there that you will not be able to toke the meth pipe… then you will see how awful ICP is when you arn’t up for a week on crystal meth…


5 responses to “Juggalos get knocked out

  1. kraig-ola Ninja

    haha your a joke bro,thats cool she was paid to come, she also had the word to say “na i’m good,thats NOT MY TYPE OF PEOPLE” its like putting a blood in a crip hood, you put a fake ass bitch with people who HAD TO WORK FROM NOTHING TO GET WERE THEY ARE, all she wants is her stupid fame back and every one knows it, so stop kissing ass

  2. this dumb mainstream bitch shoulda known she wasnt welcome there. this is an underground music festival … y the fuck would she be performing there. shit may have gotten outta hand but maybe next time fake ass bitches will think twice about performing at the gotj…

  3. first off its not funny what happend to the bitch. i dont think they should of did that shit to her but that dont give you the right to say that all us juggalos are the same. the one reason we are juggalos are because we relize that every one is diffrent. there are a lot of juggalos that think they have to do fuckede up shit to fit in and thats bull shit. real juggalos would like you if you were the ritchest smartest person in the world or a poor kid that doesn’t know any thing and has never had a thing in there life As long as you dont look down on other people for what makes them different than you. Every body how arn’t juggalos wan’t to hate us because we are differnt well fuck you. i grew up with both my parents around and they took care of me better then most of the people i know and they werent drugs. so when you want to say that all are moms must have left us in a dumpster when we were babys to get crake fuck off. and who cares if they did that doesnt make you better then any one. If you would lisen to some of the shit in there songs you would relize the reason there are so many of us and people like you are one of the main resons there are. People like you want to say how much better you are then us and put us down so you look better then us and when we dont give a flying fuck about what you think of us it makes you even more pissed off. And the smoking Meth thing you can realy go fuck your self. I have never touched that shit and will never touch it i think its the worst fucking thing in the world. But yeah its fucked up what they did to the bitch they should have just walked off and not lisen to the hoe. I think its fucked up how there might never be another gathering because of it. But she could have walked off the stag as soon as people started throwing shit instead of keep trying to perform and show the crowed her tits. but next time you want to say how bad juggalos are sit the fuck back and look in the mirror we are all people we all have proublems and shit that are fucked up in are lifes and no one is any better then any one elts. SO FUCK YOU..MUCH MOTHER FUCKING CLOWN LOVE.

  4. Dude That’s sad and i’m appalled at the lo’s and lette’s who did that shit to her… NO ONE desirves that man…

  5. The gathering will always be there. No cops can come cause its private property. So you are wrong. She probably can’t sue cause she probably signed a wavier. And once again the dude that was stabbed was stabbed with a fork in the leg. And tila was warned be3fore she went on stage, and was told no matter what happened she could keep the money. And sorry juggalos but she was invited so we can’t say shit about that. Though it wasn’t as bad as she makes it look. If you want to shut down the gathering come on out. But you won’t cause you are cyber bullies, creating a gang to exterminate a set group of people, but have no proof of anything and never showup when called out.

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