UNJF – United Nazi Juggalo Front

Be on the look out for a group of super juggalos the  UNJF or United Nazi Juggalo Front.

UNJF is a bunch of juggalos who are nazi sympathizers .

Can juggalos sink to a new low after their action at this years gathering with the stoning of tila tequila?

One response to “UNJF – United Nazi Juggalo Front

  1. Not all Juggalos are racist, and while slightly?? immature, I think they mean no harm. I listen to ICP. I don’t WOOP WOOP or consider myself a Juggalo, but these UNJF freaks give ICP the wrong kind of bad publicity. Grow up. ICP isn’t racist. Oh- ICP, KKK- 3 letters each… OOOH so meaningful! I guess the FBI, the CIA, and the IRS are all in cahoots with them as well. (3 letters each, in case ya can’t count) Go jack off in a conspiracy theory chatroom.

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