TILA Tequila first interview about juggalos -TALKS FOR THE FIRST TIME ABOUT JUGGALOS ATTACK!


Tila Tequila calls the gathering of the juggalos ,unorganized and violent,as soon as he got there juggalos were following her car,and unless you are part of physcopathic you got no trailer . Tila was psuhed into icps  trailer by security ,due to the crowed getting violent before the show. Physopathic and event staff told her juggalos were going to attack then staff told promoter to not let her go on. Tila tequila told icp it is not ok for fans to do this so Violent j and shaggy 2 dope gave juggalo warnings at a meeting then begged tila to do a song and just get out there .

However when tila tequila got on stage she knew what would happen , got confetti spary and was going to spray some and make a joke but tila tequia got pelted with items as soon as she got on , fecese and urine was thrown , face hit with stone – juggalos were not there to boo they were “juggalo monsters” – angry and violent – not there to embarrass her , but to hurt her.

Regarding the legal charges to be pressed against ICP and psychopathic records – Alec Bakeman her lawyer has got witnesses ready and they are ready for a case , however tila hopes that this is the last gathering of the juggalos , she then shows her scars .

We hope this is the last gathering as well Tila and your brave case has the jugglo holocausts loyal support.

4 responses to “TILA Tequila first interview about juggalos -TALKS FOR THE FIRST TIME ABOUT JUGGALOS ATTACK!

  1. Fuck you bitch, if you have ever listend to the music from the underground you would have realized that you represent all that we hate, you have noone to blame but yourself. Also weren’t you flipping people off? Thats for the crowd to do and not some skinny MTV nut-jocking self-centered oblivious dumbass bitch. You had started in My Space, on Shot at love and ended in blood. Maybe you should view your options and not jump into things you dont understand. oh yeah Fuck’ooff.

  2. i agree with you SignalLost cause um if you dont understand whats going on around you than you need to leave the game alone. I didnt go to the juggalo gathering but i have been before and they are pretty fun if you dont show up acting like a total dumbass. But if Tila really did that than – personal opinion here – she deserved what she got. im not happy that shes talking bout shutting the juggalo gathering down because thats bullshit.

  3. Fuck her and you jh pussies

  4. Ok first she had a trailor, then she didn’t? Its her own fault for not heeding icps warning. Plus since there is no way of knowing who threw it, what witness could she polssibly have?

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