Twiztid – Heartbroken & Homicidal

Twiztids new album Heartbroken & Homicidal just keeps up with the violent gang idea .. well done twiztid i wonder how many new zombies who throw rocks at woman this album will create.
Heartbroken & Homicidal

19 responses to “Twiztid – Heartbroken & Homicidal

  1. Dragon s. Working

    hahahaha you closedminded tools are so stuck thinking about us and what we do or don’t do that you spent irreplenishable moments of your life making this shit hole about only get one life,wouldn’t you think you would be spending it with your family,kids,wife or friends…no you spend it on us,think about this time your waisting and face it we run your world right now. …get a life fag

  2. um.. how the fuck do you get gang out of Heartbroken and Homicidal.. its about heartbreak and being so wrought with sorrow you kill.. or get angry and kill.. you bitch ass porch monkeys are dumb. and unless you heard it at GOTJ there’s no fuckin way you’ve heard it yet. and its got NOTHING to do with gangs. stupid bitches.

  3. just a few words, if you please. HA!!!!!!!!!! HA!!!!!!!!!! HA!!!!!!!!!!!
    FuCk U tIlA, you are not welcome here.

  4. Dude, Twiztid is the Motherfuckin’ shit! And you have the nerve to dis something you aint even heard yet? why dont you actually get a life bitch! suck a dick. Whoop Whoop 4 life, peace ninjas

  5. Heartbroken and Homicidal…….in all reailty the c.d. sucks. I heard it at the gathering. no gang….just depressed killing music…not my style….and why do the haters waste there time……ima juggalo till i die….the hate wont change my feelings…it is sad on how much time and effort people put into hating…..example…… (child) hey dad wanta play?!?!——(maker of this website) no im busy hating on people il never see or meet or interact with at all in my life rather then bonding or spending time with my child……..(child) i think il see what the juggalo world is all about at least they treat me like family….

  6. WOOP WOOP to that JuggaloDAB

  7. ok how exactly do u get gang out of name like heartbroken and homicidal?? please tell me id like 2 know honestly ur fuckin wasting ur time hating over the fuckin computer u bitch ass pussy, honestly if u had any fuckin balls ud actually want 2 walk up 2 a juggalo and talk this shit 2 there face but u dont and ur just a bitch ass hater and ur wasting ur life

  8. diss this horribly written album.

  9. Whoop whoop! Can’t wait for this! Twiztid is gonna be fucking amazing! Hit me up! Whoop whoop! Mmfwcl!

  10. Ur a dumb ass. U dont know shit. U need to ky(kill yourself) and bih(burn in Hell) yes those r lyrics from the album

  11. Unless you can acctually appriciate the change that Twiztid is going through (Much like Freak Show and Mirror Mirror) why don’t all you fucking haters KYS’s. Seriously! If all you got is to go trolling all because you dont fucking get it, then take a bite of an axe and GTFO! You either get it or you dont and seeing how most assholes thinking that one event (Tillia) marks us all, your just as fucked up. I’ve been a fucking juggalo for 13 years, listened to House of Krazees (Twiztids first Band you ignorant fucks) and i’m tired of justifying them. Its not just the bands or the music its the people too. Just like with Rock Goth and Rap you get assholes and then everyone gets caught up in the flow (and the drugs…ooooohhhh the drugs) it doesn’t fucking mean we are all ignorant fuck headed juggahoes! BESIDES THAT DUMB BITCH KNEW BETTER! I digress, Heartbroken and homicidal is the next big leap for Twiztid and i give hella props (them’s my boyz). Much like Joe and Joey with Zug Island (not the second CD) I hope this hearalds a new fucking world for us juggalos, and you know what? All you fuckers who talk shit about shit they dont know about, why don’t you fucking listen to a song or two? I would almost promise 100% you will find at least one song you’ll fucking like and from there you may one day be just as ravenous as the rest of us, until then i’ll be praying to the carnival for you to SHUT UR FUCKIN DICK HOLES. HELL, GO TO ONE FUCKING SHOW AND SEE FOR YOURSELVES! YOU CANT HELP BUT FEEL THE LOVE THATS LIKE A RABID BITE TO THE JUGGULAR AND START SCREAMING TILL YOUR LARENX IS TORN TO SHREDS AND YOUR SPITTING BLOOD WITH EVERY FORCED BREATH, THEN WONDERING WHY YOU NEVER DID THIS BEFORE! *Remember its called metaphores, its to not to be taken litterally. PEACE BITCHES I”M OUT!

  12. Imma be down till im dead in tha ground! Fuck all ya’ll hatas! WHOOP! WHOOP!

  13. dude i have that album and it’s the shit! Nothin but bad ass beats and wicKed lyrics yo! And wth did that EVEN MEAN in that silly little artical of yours JH? wth??

  14. no matter how hard yall try the juggalos will not die!!! and thats the way it is. accept it or not. free ur mind, open it up a little. and realize wat we really are all about. MCL even to all ya haters. cuz thats wat we do

  15. wat juggalodab said was perfect. that is wat brings people to the carnival. cuz here we all belong and the haters for some reason will never get that

  16. All you jh pussies can go on and shut the fuck up, not a single one of you faggots have a spine or a pair of ball (aside from the ones dangling from your chin, like the way mine do on your moms chin) you can run your mouth all you want, and you can hide behind your comps and fake names but you cant hide the fact you are all fake weak ignorante mindless bigot morons thart cant get a girl and has no friends so you talk shit to ppl (that would beat your punk ass) from your comp. and wack it to pix of your mom while your dog licks peanut butter off your tiny (never used) dick, so grow a pair and talk shit to our faces, but that wont happen cuz every last one of you is fake as fuck and to chicken shit to do anything! So FUCK OFF! MMFCL! WHOOP WHOOP!



  17. How can you diss an album you didn’t even hear yet? Unless you were at the gathering and if you were still didn’t announce your presence. You guys try to hard and instead of gettin swat to shut it down, why not shut it down yourselfs and kill us all like you claim you would.

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