DJ Anarcho Redist explains Reasons for the Juggalo Holocaust

DJ Anarcho Redist explains Reasons for the Juggalo Holocaust

3 responses to “DJ Anarcho Redist explains Reasons for the Juggalo Holocaust

  1. So theres a couple flaws in your theory. First you say we’re conformist and we’re trying to get everyone to rebel against the government, no thats not the case and if it is, well so are you. Your trying to munipulate everyone to join your gang. Telling people to join your group to stop another group you dont like.Juggalos arent trying to get anybody to come to there side. Second you say how stpid this generation is, when you should look at yourself, you have a fucking bull ring in your nose and your lip has like 3 loops in it.You’ve said fuck atleast 100 times. And you have your facepainted which is pretty hypocritical. You look like half of the juggalos in the world. You call use lazy, well every juggalo I know has a job and works 40+ hrs a week. I highly doubt with the way you look you dont have a job at all, maybe mcdonalds, you look like your a big mac away from a heart attack. You say we listen to shitty music, you look like a fag from cradle of filth or marilyn manson. And who are you to judge what is good or bad . You say we are stupid for coming together for a stupid cause, your trying to get people to come together to kill juggalos. Last time I checked murder was the worst crime you could commit. Your making a counter productive video, to get people to commit murders and assults. Real juggalos dont come together to do any of that, most of the ones I know are about peace and eqaulity. That doest seem to be your case tho. I can keep going on and on about the flaws this video has. DJ anarcho redist who are you to pass judgement on anyone? Who are you to say what is right and wrong? Your not God so stop trying to push your communist ways on people and do something productive with your life.

  2. Look i agree with my homie really. You sit there and say that all juggalo’s or juggalette are lazy and don’t do shit with their lives. I have one thing to say to u. I am a juggalette to the fullest I’d do anything to my Juggalo Family. I’m prolly younger than are and have a better job and have a career and family to be there for. Not everyone is at the level you think they are. In a few years I’m sure I’d be able to walk up and own your dumbass! Just because the fact that you all think something is true doesn’t mean shit. No matter how young a Juggalo or a Juggalette is we all got there backs! So as far as im concerned you and everyone of your anti-juggalo homies can kiss my fucking ass!

  3. I agree its the individual person you should hate.Juggalo’s are family and not a gang so get your out of here.I mean only the person that can judge me is me.And that’s how it is for of us.Because yeah we fam but we are also individuals with our own thoughts just like you.But you are seriously a moron.whoop whoop to the fam mmfwcl

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