Gang juggalos – Juggalo gang vs Juggalo Family

This dude he want s the real juggalos to attack the fake gang member juggalos .

Looks like right now there is a rift staring for juggalos where 2 or more juggalo sub groups are planning on fighting – question was it the real juggalos or the fake gang bangers who injured tila tequila and method man ??

12 responses to “Gang juggalos – Juggalo gang vs Juggalo Family

  1. steven schmiedel

    I would like to shake this guys hand. He is speaking the truth. Ive been down with icp for 10yrs, and I have never done anything to give juggalos a bad rep. We are now a “gang” in my city, If u even have a hatchmen on ur car window u get pulled over and put on a gang member list. All these little juffalos are giving me and my fam a bad name.

    • I agree. I’m 25 and am a Juggalo. I am a full time college student and graphic designer. These little juggahos are 15-18 yr old tweakers whom should have nothing to do with the fam. Real juggalos are family and will accpet anyone regarless of race, religion, or creed. Theres always going to be bad apples in any culture. If there really are these JH d-bags running around, it is pathetic. Killing Juggalos? You JH mongoloids are the real scum. Look me up if you want some.

      • I don’t know who wrote the above, but I’m pretty sure they were using my identity. I want to publicly disclose that I am in no way associated with any jugglalo gangs.

  2. I am the one who did the vid, I just want to publically CONDEMN the attack on miss Tila Tequila. I also would like to say that I don’t know how the Family is gonna recover from this.

  3. Ayeee im 15 years old and i’ve been down since i can remember my whole family is down i grew up with psycho pathic and i rep the hatchet everyday and i dont give it a bad name im all about family and nothing but family. whoop whoop homies and fuck this JH bullshit

  4. crazy ass lette93

    im 17 and i wear a hachetman everyday and everythin ive been down for 8 yrs now and i never once did anythin to give the fam a bad name but i aint goin to lie to ya i will go off on a mutha fucka if i see em talkin bad about the fam or dissin em. i cant stand haters. i love ya’ll but there is to much hate ppl need to learn to leave us alone. fuck the juggalo holocaust they wont d anythin. their to much of a pussy. i love my family. u juggalos/lettes r all i have to call family i would die for ya’ll. MMFWCL and WHOOP WHOOP fam i’ll always have ur back

  5. Krazy tha clown

    What it b juggalos ive been down wit tha clown for bout 15 yrs so dont fuck wit us whoop whoop

  6. Ay my name is BIG BEAR I’ve been down with the clown for a couple days now and I love it and wouldn’t change a thing they are my fam and if they needed food I would give it to them if they needed a place to stay I would give it to them they are my fam for life WHOOP! WHOOP! MMFWCL fam live by the hatchet die by the hatchet WHOOP! WHOOP!


  8. IM down with the clown FOR LIFE


  10. I Googled my name and found someone had used my identity to post on here. As I cannot get the impostor’s comment removed, I would like to publicly disclose that I am not a Juggalo and am in no way associated with the group.

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