Juggalo Kills then Has Sex With Girlfriend WHOOP WHOOP

Broomfield teenager pleads guilty to murder of girlfriend

Yesterday, Alex Pacheco, 19, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the death of Kelsey Shannon. Pacheco received a 48-year prison sentence for his plea; in exchange, the charges of first-degree murder, abuse of a corpse, and child abuse resulting in death were dropped.

Shannon, 13, went missing in October 2008. By November, as many Broomfield voters were celebrating President Obama’s election, “missing” flyers of Shannon were ubiquitous as authorities and family members searched for her. Her body was not found until January 2009, in a drainage ditch not far from her home, and by that time, physical evidence was scarce.

Pacheco’s arrest stemmed largely from witnesses who heard Pacheco brag about the murder or who helped him dispose of the body, as well as from circumstantial evidence from Pacheco’s computer.

Residents of Broomfield, the up-and-coming community with a generally low crime rate, were shocked by the perversity of the crime: while no official cause of death could be determined from her body, Pacheco is suspected of stabbing and strangling Shannon and then copulating with her dead body.

5 responses to “Juggalo Kills then Has Sex With Girlfriend WHOOP WHOOP

  1. RichterBelmontLCNM

    Not one mention of pachecos juggalo affiliation

  2. Where does it say he’s a juggalo? There you go liein again.


  3. Okay why don’t u post something about catholic priests moplesting children and sgtart a hate group about priests? Even if he is a juggalo, doesn’t mean all juggalos do that just like not all catholic priests are molesters. Just like all jh want to kill juggalos, which with research I have found to be false. So what is your true goal.? I could label all these groups includiong urs based on the majority of thier actions. All the jh I USUALLY talk to just want to kill me and my family (as in bro sis mom dad ect) but I don’t label you. I also think callin me a brain dead idiot is hardly the answer. Are you just as immature as the younger juggalos. Not to mention these site are filled with lies and loosly based truths. Does it say he did all this because he’s a juggalo? The fact that he’s a juggalo is not relevant to the case correct?

  4. Lol I love how you ignore me when I make my points.

  5. Happy_Bi-polar_Juggalette_w/ Knife

    People been fuckin dead bodies way before there was I.C.P or Juggalos. But the world will always need to blame someone else instead of admitting they were wrong. Maybe this kid’s dad was fingering his butthole and his mom was too greedy to do anything about it. Shit like that happens all the time. The world is a sick place filled with sex, greed, and crazies. STOP BLAMING THE JUGGALOS!!! WHOOP! WHOOP!

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