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Juggalo holocaust – UPDATE from the front lines – 19/8/2010

– Savage Juggascum attacks Tila Tequila at the gathering. This could be the last gathering.
– Juggalos also attack Method Man, but with different results.
– Juggalo rebels raid a seniors home in Columbus Ohio.
– JH lawyers still working on Vince Weiguang Li’s release.
– m173nk0 jugG4L0tu5 and KatrinaLette set to marry in October.
– DJ_Anarcho_Redist RUN OFF.  OWNED
– 54 Canadian Juggalos sent to brand new Hellhouse Prison located in Bampton, Ontario.
– California in a state of shock after a baby is found on drugs and painted like a clown.
Another JH diss track.
Justin Bieber now part of ICP
– Juggalos executed by drug cartels in Mexico.
– A minor riot took place when faygo was briefly pulled from shelves due to unsanitary conditions at the faygo factory.
– Dizzy raped a juggalette in Colorado and didn’t even like it.
– Juggalos OUTLAWED in Russia thanks to the JH.
– Plans tor a proposed Juggalo prison camp in Australia put on hold due to Aussie butthurt.
– News:

That’s all from the front lines folks.

Until next time, JH for life.