Methodman Redman and tila tequila – Honorary members of the Juggalo holocaust

Methodman ,Redman and tila tequila have now been named as Honorary members of the Juggalo holocaust. Keep up the good fight guys and lets finish this juggalo problem once and for all.

8 responses to “Methodman Redman and tila tequila – Honorary members of the Juggalo holocaust

  1. juggalo_4_LYF_BIAAATCH

    honorary members?? i think its funny that they dont know this group of bitches actually exists!

  2. juggalo....nightmare

    hahahahaha you’ll never put an end to the family! You’re all a bunch of bitche’s try it! hahahahahahahaha! you fuck’n maggot’s!

  3. bring it the fuk on u pussay ass bitches u try ne thing to hurt the fam u die simple as tht

  4. Micro The Clown

    hahah fuck all u hatin ass bitches hahah u dont scare any fukin juggalo bitch 303 native Whoop Whoop step up u pussys and ill slit u the fuk bak down hahahahah MMFWKCL

  5. RichterBelmontLCNM

    4 everyone u may take down. 3 grow in its place we the juggalos cook your dinner when u go out 2 eat. We serve your food. We collect ur trash. We r the people who take care of your sick and dying in some cases your dead 2. We r the Juggalos tryin 2 change this world into a better one 4 us all as a collective human race.

  6. dude this juggalo hollacunt stuff is all fake there has been no confirmed reports of them its just another internet group so like Obama on the boondocks says Basically…..FUCC EM

    this is what you guys can do =) oh and btw

  7. Ya’ll some striaght up bitchs id love 2see ya around sometime u get it way worse then miss thang did* mcl fam & fck em all

  8. redman and methodman are juggalos so fuck u bitchs


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