Justin Bieber Joins The Insane Clown Posse – Juggalo

Justin Bieber Juggalo

14 responses to “Justin Bieber Joins The Insane Clown Posse – Juggalo

  1. Nice photoshop jack asses!!!!

  2. juggalo....nightmare


    • you piece of trailer park trash should be fucking shot in the head. If i ever see one of you faggits on the street your dead. And you know what the family garbage you say can suck my left nut for all i care. fucking cunt go die

  3. Skittlez_the_Juggalo

    I’m sorry, but this is OBVIOUSLY photo shopped. That isn’t real face paint, the faygo looks like a cardboard cut out, the hat looks like it’s 2-3 sizes too big, and the name could be easily changed. Sorry, but it is WAY too obvious that it’s fake.

  4. Skittlez_The_Juggalo

    Juggalo-Killer-don’t you think that, since JH has been bitching about all the rest of the Juggalos for threatening others, your little comment threatening Juggalos is a little hypocritical?

    And I quote: ‘you piece of trailer park trash should be fucking shot in the head. If i ever see one of you faggits on the street your dead. And you know what the family garbage you say can suck my left nut for all i care fucking cunt go die’

    What you did just proves that all groups have some bad followers. Some maybe more the others, but still. You just also proved what I have said in several different comments on here is true. Just because one or 2 Juggalos do something wrong it doesn’t mean that all Juggalos are like that.

  5. good job guys :] cause were obviously dissapearing [x hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahah FUCKOFF ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Ew. First, no one likes that little bitch. Second, you ain’t gonna get rid of us. Just fuck off you stupid fucking cunt.

  7. I will stab his prepubesent self juggalo for life

  8. I see more n more juggalos every day and i must say all of the ones i meet are better than every other person ive met in my whole life. have you ever thought that maybe we just dont like to associate with ppl who judge others without gettin to kno them? we are not scared only annoyed by your little threats.:) so go on keep em up. some get entertaining after a while:) no one’s runnin.


  9. ok this ones funny too

  10. people who seriously think all juggalos are bad, unintelligent, or anything else that is discriminating, are just ignorant, juggalo-killer saying he will kill juggalos is just pathetic, threatening an entire group of “fans” because they are just “fans” of a music genre is enough to make even the nicest guy in the world think your a dumbass, I hate no one on this planet, no matter how many threats I recieve, you JH members talk about how juggalos are a gang and all this stuff but look at yourselves, you would be considered a gang too, you have a name for yourself like the juggalos and have so much in common, except you actually wanna go out, and kill juggalos, that make you worse than us in any way possible, you are all a pathetic excuse of a human being, if it wasnt for my chain, and some cloths, you wouldnt even know I was a juggalo, know why? CAUSE JUGGALOS ARE JUST LIKE ANYONE ELSE! the way the JH hate juggalos works the same as racism, its discriminating and just plain stupid, its just music people, I mean holy shit i dont see you hating Dead Heads, who are exactly like juggalos in every sense of the word you heard, except a different genre….i dont see you hating them…

  11. chuckles the clown

    Justin Bieber go fuck your self you little bitch. You show up at a I.C.P. event your fagget ass is dead. You talk shit about the I.C.P. and I hope the violent j and shaggy 2 dope kick your fucking ass and kill you.

  12. If I find you I will stab you and maybe kill you. Justin Bieber you fucking suck and I hope you fucking die soon. You crappy little bitch. I’ll slap your face off with an axe. Hey if you have a sister I’ll fuck her in her sleep just to piss you off. So go fucking kill your self you little bitch. DIE JUSTIN BIEBER DIE!!!!

  13. Go kill your self you stupid ass little bitch. I fucking hate you. If I ever see you I will give you an RKO and kick you in your fucking skull. Hope you die soon. Justin Beiber please go kill your fucking self you little bitch.

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