A Day in the life of a Juggalo


what do juggalos do all day heres the answer.
0703: Browse Vaginarium
0704: Get off
0706: Go to Juggalo News
0707: Remember that your fingers are sticky
0708: Clean up
0709: Begin posting
0800: Continue posting
0900: Still posting feverishly
0934: Need to piss
0935: Continue posting regardless
1000: Still need to piss, but too busy posting.
1029: Piss in nearby bottle to avoid posting delays
1034: Eat a burrito and consider getting dressed.
1035: Decide to remain nude
1036: Continue posting
1100: Posting
1200: Posting
1300: Posting
1400: Posting
1451: Troll Youtube
1914: Call for pizza
1915: Continue trolling
2001: Ignore knock at door in order to continue pissing of stupid people
2040: Wonder where the fucking pizza guy is
2045: Call pizza hut and complain
2057: Receive free pizza
2100: Go to http://planet-lotb.com to see what you have missed
2102: Browse Vaginarium again
2140: Rush to door in boxers to barely catch the pizza guy
2142: Receive pizza
2143: Close door, realize that dick is fully exposed through front of boxers.
2144: Turn several shades of red.
2146: Eat with one hand, post with other.
2341: Troll youtube some more.
0219: Fall asleep at computer posting on the ICP Miracles video.
0700: Repeat


3 responses to “A Day in the life of a Juggalo

  1. RichterBelmontLCNM

    Wow. U were there 2 witness that? Thats a lil nasty. Watchin some poor juggalo 4 a solid 24 hour period? While the rest of us r goin on with the beautiful life that we have been given. Nd all you are doin is needlessly watchin the juggalo. Wut bout u? U vouyer. Wut is it like 2 wake up nd do wut u do?

  2. actually pretty accurate.

  3. that was pretty funny

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