Juggalo gang in sandy – SALT LAKE CITY

More and more concerned residents are speaking out about the juggalo gang problem in Sandy – Salt lake city. More and more police call outs and reports are occuring at a Sandy park and concered residents have had enough. A Juggalo by the Name of Katrina Lette has told planet-lotb news that “yeah we more then a gang , we more then a cult wes a family” . Juggalo gang is wide spread in utah with reports of the juggalo gang in Draper, Murray, South Jordan, Herriman, and Salt Lake. A local resident Bruce irving living near the park has told of their disgust “sure some are innocet but the others do some crazy things its like some sort of jones town rituals taking place yelling stuff about carnivals while throwing bottles around , its disgusting “.

After the attack on Tila Tequila at the gathering of the juggalos , more and more reports of the juggalo gang are surfacing , please be on the look out for some common gang paraphenlia such as a hatchet man – a logo of a clown carrying a meat cleaver , face paint , faygo bottles , gang hand signs in the shape of a WC – for wicked clown and the juggalo gang call sign Whoop Whoop.

11 responses to “Juggalo gang in sandy – SALT LAKE CITY

  1. OK So why is it that you guys can post ALL about the crimes that Juggalos are doing yet its ok for JH to go out and RAPE and KILL people. You don’t know the people you are hurting or if they ever committed a crime in their entire life but you don’t care so i guess that makes you worse then us Juggalos.. because the last time i looked around me and my Fam didn’t just go around beating people because of what they looked like, or the cloths they where wearing. Come on now.. what would you do if someone raped your mom for wearing a green shirt just because they didn’t like the color green. You guys will never win, but have fun trying, Juggalos are a FAMILY and “If you step to one of us, you better step to the whole crew” No more attacking loner Juggalos or following a lette till she is by her self.. If your so proud of what you are doing the do that shit out in the open.. In front of the Fam. Bet you wont though.. cause you are too damn scared. Peace, Love, and MMFWCL to all the Homies. I’m out.

  2. listen here juggalos is not a gang get it straight we r like family!!!!!!!!! u wanna know whats sad is that all of u complain of what we look like and how we talk theres something wrong with us for taking care of people and being there for eachother as a family like everyone should be doing treating everyone right. it doesnt matter what u wear or what type of body u r or anything its being a good person to all u meet and help when people need help. yall may not understand us but we understand eachother and thats all that matters and that dumb bitch got a fam killed was it worth it tequilla. just to get u more popular and more money ur so selfish. y dont u go help some people out instead of being stupid i hate rich fuckers who take life for granted and yall look down on us ha take a look in the mirrior.

  3. Punch a juggalo day really well come on down to wayland iowa thats right wayland iowa look it up if u dumb fucks know how too.Anyways its not going down bitches i would love to c any of u mother fucking punks try to punch me ill be haveing that fucking hand

  4. fuck evryone who isnt a juggalo cuz alls they care about is their own damn selves i mean really u guys cant find somthin better to do than fuck with us we know where we are on the food chain its about time u learn yours and if u dont catch my drift its under us bitches

  5. “I got mad love from my people for my people” ABK

    Lo Luv!

  6. fuck all u haters! learn some damn respect! my closest homie is in the hospital thanks to u bitches.

  7. fuck all u bitch ass hayerz

  8. fuck who think juggalos are bad we’r a dANM family we take bitchs out that talk shit i dont fucking carewho you are but juggalos are awsome are donw as fuck

  9. wish u mother fuckers would come back to Oklahoma oh that’s right juggalos already ran u off you bitch ass holocaust fags only lasted a 1/2 a year in Oklahoma come on back cause in the 405 we dont just talk shit

  10. If “yalls” wanted to have people respect you, try learning how to read and write the english language properly.. As for this being a gang, who the fuck cares, do you assholes know that there is also bloods and crips in salt lake to? Or are you just singling one group out? Gangs have clearly been a problem for years and years.. Obviously police officers don’t have the upper hand anymore. It’s ridiculous that lds people in Utah think they know everything and what the best plan of action is., truth of the matter is.. None of you know any god damn thing about a GANG.

  11. Y u b h8in on the lo’s? Bcause we different? We aint a gang we just got some idiot kids thinkin we are. So what if we have ways to identify other lo’s? That don’t make us a gang.

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