Support punch a juggalo day

This october 31st support punch a juggalo day , be on the lookout for hatchet men , juggalos wont know what hit them.

6 responses to “Support punch a juggalo day

  1. National Punch a Juggalo day ? Sound to me like your the gang. Yes there are Juggalo’s and Juggalettes that act stupid this includes those who attacked Method Man and Tila Tequila. Let’s face it though not every fan of psycopathic records acts so stupid, if you think about it the following is not much different than say the Kiss Army or the Dead Heads. Look at what you are calling this movement Juggalo HOLOCAUST, holocaust really a movement named after one of if not the most atrocious genocidal acts in all of history. Basically you are comparing yourselves to Nazi’s yea for you. This is no better than any racist or hate group, you are no better than anybody else regardless of what you think. Saying ICP or Twiztid is responsible for these acts of violence is no difference than saying Ozzy Osbourne caused someone to commit suicide or that Eminem caused someone to commit rape. I agree that anyone near these incidents should have at least tried to put a stop to it.
    Including ICP or Twiztid or anyone else from psycopathic records. Otherwise maby we should Hate any artist that have fans that commit crimes or act stupid, you know cause I’m sure that fans of T.I., Weezy, Nickleback, Metallica, Rascall Flats, or George Strait have never committed any crimes. So you should look at this holocaust for what it is a hate movement supporting hate crimes. So no I cannot condone any movement that supports acts of violence, I believe those that commit crimes should be held accountable but it is just small minded to hate someone for the music they listen to. It is pathetic how far we have come as the human race to continue such cowardly actions. Think about this if it was your mother, sister, cousin or child that was a juggalo or juggalette would you commit these crimes against humanity against them?

  2. James Heathen Akey

    Well said Tyrone!
    I say let them try, and see who will be the ones in the media next. Them! Just plain stupidity. I will be proudly wearing my face paint and my hatchet man this halloween and if any hater ot JH wanna punch me in the face, BRING IT ON! True Juggalos/lettes are not haters like you guys, until provoked then you will get ur wig split.
    Family hold your hatches high this halloween, and remember We will be down with the clown till we are dead in the ground!

  3. come find me and punch me, lets try that on for size

  4. Why dont you ever show your faces pussies?!?!

  5. bring it the fuck on. come after us we got each other

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