ICP recommending Suicide – proof and Lyrics

A Juggalo Claims “N icp’s lyrics say absolutely nothin bout killen urself, or anything even close to tht!!! Fuck all u juggalo haterza, we dnt have time to listen to ur bullshit, by the way country is actaully considered the most suicidal muzik there is, fuq u!!! Mmfwcl… ”

Lets post some Lyrics where icp recommends and promotes suicide to juggalos

Please see a depression center in you nearest state if you want to take your life , we at JH dont condone the message given by icp and other bands in their group.

Lyrics are only posted for parents and welfare groups to see the damage icps music can do to innocent lives.

ICP – Aint Your Bidness

Maybe i’m upset that you left me, i‘ll hang myself right above your bed ” you should try suicide”

Icp – Piggy Pie

Skit at the end of song has one of the insane clown posse taunt someone into committing suicide.

Icp – Suicide Hotline

Entire song is a fake call to a suicide hotline with lines such as
“Theres so many fuckin reasons why I dont even need to be here anymore, Imma put a slug in my fuckin head” and “I dont wanna look back ’cause its gonna hurt
I slice my wrist and It’s gonna squirt” –

while the song ends with a positive the caller changes his mind it is still scary the message this sends out.

Twiztid – Death Note

Need another second to deliberate another way to go
Something way more artistic and a lot more painful
Sleeping pills, no that’s wack
They can pump your stomach and you’ll come right back ”

Now that you know that it’s time to go (die)
Whatcha gonna write in your death note (suicide)
If you tell me how the story unfolds (die)
Tell me what’s to cause your let go (and they say) ”

and more explicit lyrics from dark lotus song – hurt myself

“If you fail just return to start
Self defecation is a beautiful art”

Again as parents you should be asking yourselves should my children be listing to icp , if your child is moody or depressed please ban them from listing to icp.

Please see a depression center in you nearest state if you want to take your life , we at JH dont condone the message given by icp and other bands in their group.

16 responses to “ICP recommending Suicide – proof and Lyrics

  1. insomniac (juggalo)

    hahahaha its so stupid how naive you people are thats just the wicked shit it isnt sending any messages if your dumb and kill yourself because u listen to icp then your a dumbass plain and simple its just entertainment kike horror films but its rap and we love it

    • HAHAHA you people have some serious problems if you think a true Juggalo is going to think about committin suicide all because thats what the Clowns mention. Get yourself a fuckin Juggalo Dictionary.. learn some shit about what you’re saying, about what WE’RE saying, then keep talking this crazy shit. For instance… you wanna talk all this hype ::oh they tell you to kill yourself:: listen to The Wraith::Shangri La and continue to say it’s all evil. It takes a true down ass mutha fackin Juggalo to understand and if you’re not someone who can, you can FUCK OFF! I’ve been runnin wit a Hatchet for 11 years… I havent killed myself now have I? Do I even know a down Juggalo who has? Fuck no. Wikked Clowns Never Die Mutha Facko! Juggalo is FAMILY. Something a lot of even your own children don’t understand. We won’t turn our back on a Juggalo who needs help. Our houses and food is always welcome. We got mad love, yall just some bigot hatin bitches on shit you don’t get. I don’t see yall bitchin bout Mexicans wearin yellow and black (Latin Kings) or Any race decked out in blue… so why the fuck you trippin on us showin what we represent? The mutha fuckin Hatchetman will always be on my skin… my neck.. my car… my LIFE. WCNDMF MMFWCL

  2. While I agree that children should not be listening to the Insane Clown Posse (and Twiztid), on the same token, if you are a teenager, and so easily influenced by the music you listen to that you feel it’s necessary to take your own life, then you’re an idiot and you might as well be taken out of the picture. Survival of the fittest.

    If not for ICP, then what’s stopping this person from killing themselves or someone else because of something they saw in a movie? The problem isn’t so much the music. It’s the stupidity of the people that are listening to it and end up letting it run their lives.

  3. look dude fuck u
    whats the one reason people talk about killin themselves for because nobody likes them they make fun of them you do not know what the fuckin reason is behind it. thats why i found my homies and my family.there tellin all you bitch ass motherfuckin jocks preps watever how u make them feel when you say the shit u do. There tellin u how “nerds” or “juggalos” or “emos” or “goths” the list goes on u fuckin douchebags its not telling us to kill ourselves its how people feel. i was a victim of this u cant take my family away from me so fuck u and all of u bitches whoop whoop to my homies

  4. yo this shits whack. ima juggalette. and if u listen to the songs and try and see the message behind these songs then youll understand what there trying to say. in the messages behind the songs are about how the world should be and not how it is not. for example… please commiting suicide and ppl commiting homicide. and ppl raping ppl and molestingthem. were all trying to put out a message of how the world should be pure not the way it is now.

  5. Juggalo_nightmare

    That’s fuckin stupid it’s funny how people like to exaterate bullshit!

  6. Hey fuckers stop taking music so seriously,. i love icp but im not gonna kill myself just cause some fat guy in a clown suit told me to. bitch ass dan marvin ass faggot ass ill fuckin stab ur dumbass

  7. hey im bubblez and im a fuckin lette. i kick it with CPK and yall are fuckin stupid! Earth is temporary and hell ya i wanna die. Cuz then i go 2 SHANGRI LA mutha fuckas! Being part of this FAMILY is what keeps me alive! Dont fuckin judge my family unless you rock a hachet and see what we R about yourself! WICKED CLOWNS WILL NEVER DIE!!! mmfwcl to all my ninjas!KEEP IT WICKED! Whoop Whoop!

  8. I’m so sick of everybody judgeing us and our beliefs and our way of life. In all the songs that say anything about suicide is usually one of the reasons sumbody does it. Heart break, hit rock bottom, lonleyness, all these r reasons people do it and in the songs u can hear it. U cannot judge us based on wat u hear and not even hear the truth. Y do u guys do it, cause u can and we r an easy target, cause there r so many of us. How many rappers r out there? I bet over 90 percent of them have songs bout murder, rape, sex, suicide, and so much more yet u stab at icp and juggalos. Is it cause they r more world known so u dnt wanna create havic with them so let’s get the people livin scrub life? Go to a gathering and see wat it takes to b fam. I saw people give a lady money so she cld feed her child and get home. I saw fam buy water for people who went broke, I spend over an hour driving less then 10 miles cause I had to keep stopin to jump start a fams car he made it to the gathering and that’s wat matterd to me. The juggalo family is closer then an family u will find out there. Stop groupin us all together, the juggalos that do stupid shit r fuckin juggalos those r possers, u will know the difference if u take the time to look. And wen we all die we will go to shangri la cause no true juggalo is bound for hells pit! Mmwfcl to all the fan out there. They may tear us down, may do wat ever they see fit, but a juggalo will stand with a juggalo and that’s fam down to the very end. Whoop whoop to all of you, and all u haters out there, get a mutha fuckin life. U will never change who we r. Swing our hatchets if we must, each and every one of us!


    *walks away* MMWCL to the family

  10. Honestly people? Ok. If you don’t understand something don’t try to talk shit about it because you just look like a clusterfuck of shit. It’s actually really embarassing. The way I see it juggalo family is an escape from all the other mutha fuckas that don’t give a shit about me. Yeah my dad beat me. Yeah my family disowned me. Yeah I was bullied, and yes I’m poor as a mutha fucka. But my juggalo family has never left me. The last gathering I went to I had all kinds of fam literally giving me their money. I didn’t ask them, and they don’t expected it back, I would do anything to make it up to them, but I know that if I don’t, they won’t hold that against me. They heard my shit and wanted to help. If they hadn’t, I wouldn’t have eaten, had gas money to get home, or made my rent. What non-juggalo would do that for somebody? Nobody. Because they’re pussies who believe that “different” is wrong. Well say what you will of me, I’ll always have my juggalo family. MMFWCL to all my ninjas. Truly without you I would have nothing. I love you all. Whoop whoop

  11. the reason they talk about suicide is because you wount give them all one chance and LISTEN to what they are saying. haters.

    lette for life. whoop whoop!

  12. ya know, im not going to say we dont promote it, because we do, alot of us as juggalos have gone thru enough to push us to that limit, its not meant to be taken out of context, its simply to tell a story, factual, fiction, comical, its not to be literal, we as juggalos are founded upon alot of the same principles as the country u live in, I would suggest loosening up and stop being uptight, because its just music,

  13. i dare yall to hit a juggalo on ur hit a juggalo bullshit day and see if we dont fuck your stupid asses up. being a juggalo isnt about being in a gang its a bout family u stupid twats.

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