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Juggalo Gang shirts banned in school

Juggalos OWNED in NM – Persecution mania!

Nearly two-dozen students at West Mesa High School, including some that were handcuffed, got into trouble with school administrators over T-shirts.

On Friday, students at West Mesa High School wearing T-shirts of the music group Insane Clown Posse were asked to change. Some of the band’s T-shirts depict a character carrying a hatchet.”They told us, ‘Turn your shirts inside out, take them off or you’re going. You’re leaving,‘” said student Kiki Garcia.When students resisted, school administrators said the situation turned ugly and parents had to be called. “There were a couple of aggressive kids,” said Principal Ben Santistevan. “One of them was placed in handcuffs.””They rounded us right there and some kids started getting really angry and they started handcuffing us,” said student Armando Bencomo. Bencomo said he goes to school and does his homework every day and that the T-shirts are not an indicator of any gang.Garcia said the students were trying to understand the administration’s actions.”Some of the kids were getting a little rowdy, but you know, there was nothing violent,” said Garcia. “We were just like, ‘Why?’ Just questioning, because you know, it’s just a band.”
Albuquerque Public Schools officials said each school may customize its own individual dress code policy to meet its standards.West Mesa’s dress code states that “clothing or accessories which promote profanity, violence, sex, drugs, alcohol, tobacco or gangs or that is highly disruptive or immodest will not be tolerated.” “We want to promote nonviolence on the school, and education is paramount for the kids, so at this point in time that was the reason they asked them to change shirts,” Santistevan said.Santistevan said that in the future, school administrators will look at student grades, attendance and past behavior to decide what can be worn and what can’t. He also invited parents to come talk to him to try and resolve any issues.In 2004, former Albuquerque Mayor Marty Chavez banned Insane Clown Posse from performing again in Albuquerque after a riot took place outside of their show.

Juggalos OWNED in NM – Persecution mania!

If they wernt violent why were they hand cuffed.